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AdSatosh Site Overview is a brand new faucet in 2022. Launched on July 28th, it has a decently high level of payout and earning opportunities. The overall structure of AdSatosh is a traditional faucet and a paid to click website. The withdrawal thresholds are reasonable, allowing users to reach a payment sooner than most sites. The site is brand new, but there is a road map of updates the site owners plan to perform, so its worth checking out and seeing if they hit their stated goals.Below we will get into detail about how the site works and tips for users.

Getting Started

User dashboard on AdSatosh. Homepage

Register Today:

TapCrypto has always been about proving the site’s payout, before we recommend them to our readers. This ensures our fellow faucet claimers do not waste their time on scam sites. See Payment Proof which is updated frequently.

Please Note, does appear to offer an investment plan. This overview does not cover this site feature. It is recommended to avoid investment programs in faucet sites, especially when they offer extremely high interest rates. Never invest in anything without doing your due diligence.

How to Earn Crypto on

AdSatosh has a few options for users to earn cryptocurrency. The only coin supported is Bitcoin (BTC), which you can withdraw either direct to your wallet or to FaucetPay and trade for other coins you may wish to collect.

15 Minute Faucet

The easiest earning option for users is the standard faucet. You can claim Satoshi from the site every 15 minutes, or four times an hour. Each claim requires completion of a captcha (ReCaptcha or hCaptcha) and that is it. You can earn between 2 to 4 Satoshi each claim. This is actually a really decent payout rate compared to many faucets, 8-16 Sats an hour vs many that pay 2-3. So the faucet on is definitely a good place for user to focus in on or visit frequently to build up a quick balance. Top Navigation Menu
How to navigate to the faucet

The claim screen is pretty basic, not much advice needed. The nice feature is that it will show what your current balance is, the payout rates, and a timer until your next claim is available. This is good for those users that wish to just claim every 15 minutes on the dot without navigating back and forth to the home page.

Claim from AdSatosh every 15 minutes.
Faucet claim page
Captcha challenge
Complete Captcha

Paid to Click (PTC) Earnings

Also available for AdSatosh users is a PTC section with a handful of advertisements to view daily and earn Bitcoin. Most of these ads require a view duration of about 10 seconds. This is quite comparable to most other Paid to Click websites we use and review. For most users that prefer PTC sites, one of the nice things is that you do not have to stay on the page for the duration of your view. So you can open ads in a tab and move onto another earning option. That is how many faucet power users claim multiple sites at a time. Most available ads will pay 1 Satoshi per 10 second view. So it’s pretty easy to go through all PTC advertisements in a short time. On the page’s top menu bar, click on the “Earn More” drop down button.

Earning options available to AdSatosh members.
Alternative Earning Options
Paid Surfing advertisements available on
Surf Ad Section
PTC Ad view on
How to view an available advertisement

Clicking the “Go” button will open the advertisement, and a clock will start ticking down from 10 seconds. After which, you will be credited the amount in Bitcoin and will return back to the main Surf page to see other available PTC ads.

Offers Available

While limited compared to some other faucet sites, users can earn more Bitcoin by completing offers on The offer wall providers available are WannAds and WannAds Surveys. This is such a new site, hopefully overtime the admins will add more offer wall providers. Offer walls are an easy way to earn more cryptocurrencies than a standard faucet claim. Here you can do things such as watching videos, downloading games and applications, or taking surveys. We suggest users complete offers carefully based on their own risk tolerance and know that data is often collected by the ad providers. So make the choice that is best for you as an individual.

AdSatosh offerwall available.
Offers available

Earn by Gambling

We placed this all the way at the end as the last earning opportunity on because we tend to advise users to stay away from gambling sections of faucets. Yes, technically you can win crypto playing these games, but most users tend to lose. Everyone has free will to do as they please, but we at TapCrypto like to keep the money we earn from sites, and prefer not to give it back! Its one of our Ten Commandments for Faucet Users! The games available, should you wish to test them out are your standard Hi-Low roll game and a Lottery.

AdSatosh game section
Hi-Low Roll Game

The next section is a Lottery, where users can use the satoshi they have earned and buy lotto tickets. The payouts are currently relatively small, but as more players join the site and pool funds, you hope that the rewards increase as a result.

Buy lotto tickets to win a portion of the prize pool.
Lottery Page

Withdraw your earnings!

You have now been using for a little while and its time to withdraw your Bitcoin. You have two options, either a direct withdrawal to your BTC wallet or a withdrawal to FaucetPay Microwallet. Depending on what you choose, the amount required and the fees can vary.

Direct BTC Wallet: 20,000 Satoshi (Fees applied)

FaucetPay: 200 Satoshi (No Fees)

Minimum balance needed to withdraw.
AdSatosh withdrawal limits Withdrawal Fees
Fee structure

FaucetPay withdrawals are credited instantly for any amount under 2,000 satoshi. Anything over that is subject to a review. Feel free to check out the FAQ section for more info and questions we haven’t covered.

Payment Proofs

The goal of TapCrypto is to ensure that users are not wasting time claiming from sites that will not pay. That is why we try to update our payment proofs as soon as possible, typically once a month, so that our readers know with reasonable certainty the site they are signing up for will payout. Here is the latest Payment Proof.

Recent withdrawals from
Payment Proof Section

TapCrypto Faucet Rating: AdSatosh

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Overall we think AdSatosh is a pretty solid, low frills, easy to use crypto faucet and we are excited to see what developments they have on their project plan and hope to see them follow through. It’s current features are pretty basic, but sometimes that’s what we faucet claimers are looking for, with some expansion of earning options, we can see raising the rating in the future. Pretty good for a site that just launched on July 28, 2022.

We at TapCrypto appreciate you tuning in and making it this far down the page. You can find all of cryptocurrency faucets we use, Site Reviews, and Payment Proofs, by subscribing to our site. Follow us @tapcrypto1. Thank you!

Affiliate Disclaimer: If you click on any link displayed on TapCrypto we thank you very much! By clicking and using sites represented or making purchases, we may receive a referral or affiliate commission. It goes a long way to keeping our site running, providing you with the most up to date information about faucets and other sites. Please use caution anytime you purchase or transfer money online, our aim with TapCrypto is to find opportunities for our users to earn money without financial investments. All sites represented allow the user to earn cryptocurrencies simply based off of time and effort, but some may offer other products for sale/investment. We urge everyone to do your due diligence if considering spending money vs using the sites for free as we outline in our site reviews. Thanks so much for using our site, we are happy to use our platform to provide opportunities for users to make money online and to steer people away from scams.

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