Rocku.Space Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

Rocku.Space Crypto Faucet Overview

RockuSpace is a new faucet in 2021 and one of the best new ones we’ve come across that pay directly to your crypto wallet. The initial homepage is a generic website template from ThemeForest, but don’t let the odd homepage deter you from earning free crypto as once you login the user experience is much better. RockuSpace offers 27 cryptocurrencies to withdraw to including Litecoin, Binance Coin, Solana, Cardano, Algorand and many other top crypto projects that will list further down so Rocku has a crypto for everyone. All claims done on RockuSpace are denominated in USD based on their own coin so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating crypto prices to hit the withdrawal limits. Rocku.Space is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly but we’d recommend using your mobile device to maximize your claim potential and earn more free cryptocurrencies. 

Rocku.Space Crypto Faucet Dashboard
Rocku.Space Crypto Faucet Dashboard

Getting Started on RockuSpace

Click here to sign up for Rocku.Space. Once your account is registered you’re able to start making claims, completing shortlinks and PTC ads to earn free crypto. At the top of the dashboard screen you can see your current balance, level and current experience points, and your alerts. The left hand navigation bar will show options to go into your profile, settings and if you click into the other icons that’s where you’ll be able to find the ways to earn coins to exchange out for a crypto of your choice. Further down the dashboard page you will see the latest updates RockuSpace has done and your latest activities such as different types of claims and your percentage to making a withdraw. 

Ways to Earn on RockuSpace

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start earning free crypto on RockuSpace through each of the various claiming methods available. To start, the main faucet claiming section will payout in USD amount every 30 minutes for a maximum of 10 claims in one day. Once you complete the 10 normal faucet claims, then we’d recommend moving onto fast faucet claims, shortlinks and PTC ads which we’ll explain in more detail down below. The points you earn are denominated in USD and the exchange rates can be found on the withdrawal page and your balance section.

Normal Faucet Claiming

30 minute timer – RockuSpace allows you to make claims throughout the day for USD and an experience bump. Just go to the Faucet Normal page, complete a Captcha challenge, and then click “Claim Reward”. Making the maximum 10 claims from the faucet in one day is doable for most so we’d recommend completing all 10 each day. Making the maximum number of normal faucet claims in a day will get you to a payout decently quick depending on the crypto coin you want to withdraw.

Rocku.Space Ways to Earn Crypto and Faucet Claim Page
Rocku.Space Ways to Earn Crypto and Normal Faucet Claim Page

Fast Faucet Claiming

Fast faucet claiming allows you to make a claim every 30 seconds for a smaller USD (3 coins) and an experience point amount than the normal faucet along with earning one experience point per claim. The Fast Faucet has a maximum of 50 claims per day and claiming the fast faucet is something we highly recommend once you complete the 10 normal faucet claims. You’ll more than likely be claiming from other 25-30 minute faucets such as FaucetCrypto and Althub so you’ll be able to do all 3 at the same time.


The Offerwalls on RockuSpace are one of the easiest ways to rack up free money fast. There are currently 4 vendors available for Offerwalls on RockuSpace. You have the option to choose from Wannads, Wannads SurveyWall, KiwiWall and AsiaMag. If you don’t mind giving personal details, signing up for subscriptions such as Hulu or Wine, or have a really good “survey alias” then this will be the most profitable earning section for you. 


PTC Ads will vary throughout the day on how many there will be available, but being that RockuSpace is a new crypto faucet in 2021 there aren’t many users/websites paying for ads on here yet. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. PTC ads currently typically offer a 4 coin payout and last for about 8 seconds.


As with most crypto faucet sites shortlinks offer some of the best payouts you can earn and this remains the case on Rocku. Shortlinks bring you to another website where you will be required to fill out at least 1 or 2 captcha challenges and wait a few seconds before being redirected back to RockuSpace. At the time of writing this post there are currently 17 shortlinks available with a combined total payout of 221.76 coins and 1 experience point for each completed link. You may notice some of the shortlinks on this site such as EXE, FCLC, AdShort, AdBull, ShrinkPe, PingIt and others. Completing all of the shortlinks can be faster and 160 coins worth more profitable than just completing the maximum 10 normal faucet claims. 

Rocku.Space Lottery
Rocku.Space Lottery

Lottery / Games

At this time the only “game” available on RockuSpace is a lottery. As with all lotteries, you buy a set amount of lottery tickets with your funds and enter a drawing to win the prize pools. The minimum purchase amount to enter the lottery is 1 coin. Upon entering you will see the total prize pool amount, your probability to win the lottery and the time until the drawing.

Withdrawing from RockuSpace

If you’re doing 10 of the normal faucet claims every day you should be able to hit the minimum withdrawal threshold on one of the 27 cryptocurrencies fairly quickly. However, if you follow the strategies above such as completing all shortlinks, 10 normal faucet claims, and the fast faucet claims after completing the maximum amount of normal claims then you will reach withdrawal minimums much faster across all coins. As you make claims on the website you will be able to see how close you are to a withdrawal minimum threshold on the “withdraw” page. Some coins will have lower minimum amounts than others so it’s good to be flexible on which coin you want. With RockuSpace you’ll have the option to withdraw to Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Binance Coin, Stellar, Bitcoin SV, Monero, Tezos, Tron, Cosmos, VeChain, Dash, Zcash, Digibyte, Qtum, Avalanche, Algorand, Elrond, Near Protocol, Horizen, BitTorrent Token, IOST, Solana, Ethereum Classic, Terra and Zilliqa. All withdrawals from RockuSpace will go directly to your personal or exchange wallet. Click here to see proof of payments from RockuSpace and start claiming today!

RockuSpace withdraw page with percentages until payout is hit
RockuSpace Withdrawal Page

15 Best Crypto Faucets for 2021

The crypto market had a huge run to end 2020 and the upward momentum has continued to start 2021. You’ve probably heard friends and family talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum and the almighty Dogecoin. Some people think it’s a scam, while others think of crypto as a great long-term investment. No matter where you fall on that spectrum there are crypto faucets that will give you free crypto so you can begin dipping your toes into the cryptocurrency world or continue building up your stash.

So What is a Crypto Faucet? 

A crypto faucet is a site that distributes crypto to users of their site in exchange for those users completing faucet claims, PTC ads, shortlinks, games, offerwalls and surveys. Originally faucets were built to give exposure to new projects like Bitcoin in 2010, but eventually turned into a profitable business model for faucet site creators who would earn advertising revenue from their users’ activity and then give a portion of it back. 

The Best Crypto Faucets for 2021

At TapCrypto every faucet on our site is verified by our admin team before being posted. We ensure that these faucets are not engaging in shady activity and are actively paying their users for their efforts. It’s difficult to pick the best when there are so many options available, but the list below takes into consideration faucet claim time, speed to withdrawal, earning potential, stability and overall ease of use.

Best of the Best Crypto Faucet Power Rankings

These are the top 15 best crypto faucet sites to start earning free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other cryptocurrencies. For more details, about each of these faucets continue reading down below and checkout our complete reviews and payment proofs.

  1. FaucetCrypto
  2. AltHub
  3. Rocku.Space
  4. AdBTC
  5. CoinPayU
  6. Free Bitcoin Cash Android App
  7. Free Litecoin Android App
  8. Cointiply
  9. PipeFlare
  10. GlobalHive
  11. GetZen
  12. AllCoins
  13. Rollercoin
  14. GraBTC
  15. FreeBitcoin

Daily Faucets

Claiming from a daily faucet is the easiest and most time efficient way to earn free cryptocurrencies. The three faucets below can be completed within 2 minutes and you’ll have earned Zcash, Dogecoin and Horizen coin.


PipeFlare offers Zcash, Dogecoin and FLR token daily claims on their site with automatic payments directly to your personal wallet. PipeFlare also offers three games, Flare Hit, BeatBox and Flare Jump that allows you to compete in weekly and daily leaderboard challenges. If you land within their top rankings you’ll receive additional payouts in Zcash. 

PipeFlare Payment Proof
PipeFlare Review
PipeFlare Signup


Similar to PipeFlare, GlobalHive offers a daily faucet claim for Zcash. At this time GlobalHive doesn’t offer any other features other than the once a day faucet claim, but given how easy it is, it’s worth the time. 

GlobalHive Payment Proof
GlobalHive Review
GlobalHive Signup


The GetZen faucet offers a daily faucet claim for the Horizen coin. This faucet most closely resembles the original purpose of a faucet, which was to spread awareness for their project and reward those people who hodl their Horizen coin. 

GetZen Payment Proof
GetZen Review
GetZen Signup

Hourly Faucets

The next few faucets have hourly claim times, and while doing just the hourly claim may take a week or longer to complete due to withdrawal thresholds they take under a couple of minutes to complete while also allowing you to earn in other ways such as PTC ads, shortlinks and offerwalls. 


Cointiply’s faucet is a roll-based faucet that allows you to make claims every hour. As a part of their faucet they also offer a daily loyalty bonus. Just claiming once per day will increase your bonus by 1%. After 100 consecutive days of making faucet claims your bonus percentage will be 100% on all faucet claims. Other ways to earn on Cointiply include PTC ads, games, multiplier games, promo codes and interest. One other feature Cointiply has is their mobile app which makes it even easier to make claims.

Cointiply Payment Proof
Cointiply Review
Cointiply Signup


GraBTC is one of the most well known faucets and offers an hourly Bitcoin claim. The claimer on GraBTC is a roll-based faucet where you can earn a range of free Bitcoin satoshis depending on the current price of Bitcoin. Other Bitcoin earning options on GraBTC includes shortlinks, PTC ads, jobs, achievements, CPU mining, and an investment game.

GraBTC Payment Proof
GraBTC Review
GraBTC Signup


FreeBitco.in’s faucet is another roll-based faucet offering Bitcoin claims every hour. The highest payout is usually pegged to $200 in Bitcoin satoshis but may change based on the price of Bitcoin. The FreeBitcoin faucet also offers a multiplier game, weekly lottery, betting, interest earning and rewards on your BTC. Be sure to opt-in to their marketing emails as they tend to give out an additional free daily claim if you click on the email links. 

FreeBitco.in Payment Proof
FreeBitco.in Review
FreeBitco.in Signup

Free Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Android Apps

These two apps created by the Bitcoin Aliens development team allow for an extremely easy way to claim free Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin right on your Android device. Every Monday night/early Tuesday funds are distributed to users as long as you hit the very low withdrawal thresholds for each of the respective apps. 

Free Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Apps Payment Proof
Free Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Apps Review
Free Bitcoin Cash App Signup
Free Litecoin App Signup

30 Minute Faucets

When using multiple faucets to claim from, it’s good to have a variety of claim times so you can maximize your earnings. With 30 minute faucet timers, you’ll be able to complete two rounds in between your one-hour faucet claims listed above. 


AltHub’s faucet lets you earn their own AltHub coins every 30 minutes which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin when you’re ready to withdraw. As your level progresses from making claims, completing shortlinks and PTC ads then your claim bonus will increase too. Currently, 5,000 AltHub coins is equal to $0.50. 

AltHub Payment Proof
AltHub Review
AltHub Signup


FaucetCrypto’s faucet allows you to claim FaucetCrypto tokens every 30 minutes. The ranking system on FaucetCrypto allows you to progress up the ranks to increase your claim multiplier. There is also a daily 35 token bonus claim you can make. You also have the ability to complete shortlinks and visit PTC ads to earn tokens and experience points to increase your ranks. 

FaucetCrypto Payment Proof
FaucetCrypto Review 
FaucetCrypto Signup


With the downfall of Coinpot, Rocku.Space has become one of TapCrypto’s favorite faucet sites where you can claim for a USD denominated amount of coins and you have the option withdraw 28 different cryptocurrencies. You’ll have the option to claim from a normal and fast faucet, shortlinks, PTC ads, offerwalls and a lottery allowing you to cash out quickly.

Rocku.Space Payment Proof
Rocku.Space Signup

15 Minutes or Less Faucets

Similar to the 30 minute faucets above, the 15 minute or less faucets allow you to claim far more often which is great when you have some more free time to make claims.


The AllCoins.pw faucet offers several cryptocurrencies you can claim every 5 minutes including Bitcoin. AllCoins also has PTC ads, command and web based mining, games and offerwalls to earn even more free Bitcoin from their faucet.

AllCoins.pw Payment Proof
AllCoins.pw Review
AllCoins.pw Signup

PTC or Game and Mining Faucets

Pay to click faucets are a great option when you don’t feel like waiting scheduled intervals between claiming from faucets. Instead you can power through many PTCs over the course of a few minutes and earn a couple hundred satoshis for your efforts. Similarly, with games and mining faucets you have the opportunity to earn without being restricted by claim timers.


AdBTC is a pay to click ad faucet that has advertisers paying for users’ time to view their sites, videos or products. The ads fluctuate throughout the day and there are times when ads run completely out, but if you check in every few hours you can easily earn a couple hundred satoshis each day. The more you use the site, the higher your rating will become and you will have higher paying and more ads available to you.

AdBTC Payment Proof
AdBTC Review
AdBTC Signup


Similar to AdBTC, CoinPayU is a PTC based faucet. For CoinPayU you see the options to view ads before clicking into them unlike with AdBTC that doesn’t allow you to see all the ads available to view. The CoinPayU withdrawal threshold is lower than AdBTC, but the claims are also slightly lower. Both are great options with little effort needed to earn.

CoinPayU Payment Proof
CoinPayU Signup


RollerCoin is quite different from many cryptocurrency faucets. Typical faucets reward users with cryptocurrencies in exchange for completion of tasks, and subsequently viewing advertisements on the website. RollerCoin instead is a hybrid between a mining simulation game and a faucet. Build up your mining power by playing games and purchasing mining machines and be rewarded in Bitcoin. 

RollerCoin Payment Proof
RollerCoin Review
RollerCoin Signup

OurBitcoin Faucet Payment Proof

Tap Crypto is the best source for proven free crypto currency faucets. Every faucet on our site has been thoroughly vetted by our team to confirm you’re signing up for trustworthy faucet sites. As a part of our due diligence we make sure the faucets on TapCrypto.co are paying their users for all of their coin claims. Below you will find the latest payment proofs done by our admin team proving the legitimacy of OurBitco.in‘s faucet. Read our full OurBitco.in review here!

Payment Proof Date: 9-2-2021
Coins Withdrawn: Bitcoin

OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Payment Proof 9-2-2021
OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Payment Proof 9-2-2021

OurBitcoin Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Overview

OurBitco.in is a brand-new faucet that was created this year in 2021.   While it is a new faucet, it appears to be an up and coming promising new site.  As a user, the site couldn’t be more straight forward, and we believe that to be a positive for the user experience.  The unique feature about OurBitco.in is that it allows the user to claim as frequently or infrequently as they would like.  OurBitco.in is essentially Four Faucets in One!

Getting Started with OurBitco.in

Click here to sign up and register an account, that is it!  You will need to verify your email address, but as soon as you complete that you are eligible to start claiming you free Bitcoin!

Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Now that you are registered as a user, you will be able to claim from the Dashboard.  The unique feature, and why its truly four faucets in one, is you have the options to claim every 5,15,30, or 60 minutes… or like most of us Faucet enthusiasts, all of them!

You will see all the eligible claims on the dashboard and a very clear timer counting down to your next available. You will also see how much you have historically made via each.

OurBitcoin Crypto Faucet Claim Page - 5, 15, 30, and 60 minute faucet claims
OurBitcoin Crypto Faucet Claim Page

Clicking on the timer will show a “Claim” button and will take you to another page.

OurBitcoin 5 minute faucet claim
OurBitcoin 5 minute faucet claim
OurBitcoin faucet claim captcha and BTC payout per roll
OurBitcoin faucet claim captcha and BTC payout per roll

Each of the four faucets (5/15/30/60 minute timers) have the same basic functionality.  Complete a captcha and roll for a value.  Depending on what you roll, will result in different payouts according to the chart on each.  Important to note, each faucet (5/15/30/60 minute timers) have slightly different payout rates. Example, the base claim (lowest win) for a 5 minute timer is 3 Satoshi, while the lowest winning value on the 60 minute timer is 6 Satoshi. You can navigate the site by using the menu button in the upper right hand corner to visit all areas of the site.

How to Withdraw on OurBitcoin?

OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Payment Proof 9-2-2021
OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Payment Proof 9-2-2021

Currently on OurBitco.in you can only claim Bitcoin (BTC) and the withdraw limit is 20,000 Satoshi, paying directly to your wallet. While there is no contact information for OurBitcoin, their Terms and Conditions states it could take up to one week to process a withdrawal after it’s submitted. All transaction fees are covered by them when processing that withdrawal request. Check out the OurBitco.in payment proof page for the latest withdrawals.

OurBitcoin Withdrawal Page - 20,000 Satoshis
OurBitcoin Withdrawal Page – 20,000 Satoshis

OurBitco.in is a promising new faucet that has a very clean presentation and is super easy to use. It is yet to be seen if they will add any other cryptocurrencies or other features, but in it current state we would recommend giving it a try.  We will post an update and payment proof when the time comes, that is our commitment to you, as our goal is only to promote legitimate paying cryptocurrency faucets and being transparent and upfront when sites have issues.  Please subscribe or follow us on Twitter @tapcrypto1 for updates on OurBitco.in and all sites we cover!

Bitcoin 101: What is BTC?

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that may be bought, sold, and exchanged without the use of a middleman such as a bank.  Every Bitcoin transaction that has ever been made is recorded on a public ledger that is accessible to everyone, making transactions difficult to reverse and spoof. That’s on purpose. Because of its decentralized structure, Bitcoins are not backed by the government or any issuing institution, and their worth is only guaranteed by the proof encoded into the system.

Bitcoin’s value has soared substantially since its public introduction in 2009. Because its supply is restricted to 21 million coins, experts predict that its price will continue to rise over time, especially as more major, institutional investors begin to utilize it as a hedge against market volatility and inflation.

How does it work?

Bitcoin is structured on a blockchain, which is a distributed digital ledger. Blockchain is a connected body of data made up of units called blocks that include information about each transaction, such as the date and time, total value, buyer and seller, and a unique identification code for each transfer.  Entries are connected in a time stamped sequence, forming a digital block chain.

Blockchain is decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by a single entity. While the concept of anybody being able to modify the blockchain may appear dangerous, it is precisely what makes Bitcoin trustworthy. To be included on the Bitcoin blockchain, a transaction block must be confirmed by the majority of Bitcoin holders, and the unique codes used to identify users’ wallets and transactions must follow the correct encryption pattern.

Because these codes are lengthy, random numbers, counterfeiting them is extremely difficult. The amount of statistical unpredictability in the blockchain verification codes, which are required for every transaction, substantially decreases the possibility of a fraudulent Bitcoin transaction being made by anybody.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

The process of adding new transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain is known as bitcoin mining. Bitcoin miners utilize a method known as proof of work, in which computers compete to solve mathematical problems that validate transactions. The Bitcoin code pays miners with fresh Bitcoins to encourage them to keep racing to solve the riddles and maintain the entire system. Mining Bitcoin used to be possible for the common individual, but that is no longer the case. The Bitcoin code is constructed in such a way that solving its riddles becomes increasingly difficult over time, necessitating more and more computational resources. Today, Bitcoin mining requires powerful computers known as ASIC’s(Application-specific integrated circuit) and profitability is often dependent on access to massive amounts of cheap electricity.

Bitcoin mining is considerably less profitable than it once was, making it even more difficult to recoup growing computational and electricity expenses. Every 210,000 blocks or roughly 4 calendar years, the reward of new coins to miners is cut in half, these events have been commonly referred to as “Halvings”. By 2140, it’s expected that all Bitcoins will have been released into circulation, leaving miners with little choice except to rely on transaction fees.

How is Bitcoin Used?

Bitcoin is commonly used as an alternative investment in the United States, helping to diversify a portfolio away from equities and bonds. You may also use Bitcoin to make purchases, and the number of merchants accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are rising quickly. You may also utilize a service that allows you to link your crypto account to a debit card, allowing you to use Bitcoin in the same manner you would a credit card. This usually entails a financial institution changing your Bitcoin into dollars in real time. Many people in countries with unstable fiat currencies often use Bitcoin as both a medium of exchange and a hedge against excessive inflation. In the United States, using Bitcoin as a currency does have tax implications that people should be weary of.

How to Acquire Bitcoin?

The majority of Bitcoin is purchased through exchanges such as Coinbase. You may buy, trade, and hold cryptocurrencies on exchanges, and creating an account is similar to opening a brokerage account in that you must authenticate your identity and offer a funding source, such as a bank account or debit card.

Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and Gemini are all major exchanges. Robinhood, Venmo, Paypal, and CashApp are all additional options for purchasing Bitcoin.

You’ll need a digital wallet to keep your Bitcoin regardless of where you acquire it. This is referred to as a hot wallet or a cold wallet. An exchange or a provider stores a hot wallet (also known as an online wallet) in the cloud. Exodus, Electrum, and Mycelium are examples of online wallet providers. A cold wallet, often referred to as a hardware wallet, is a Bitcoin storage device that is not connected to the Internet. Trezor and Ledger are two of the most popular hardware wallets.

Another way of acquiring Bitcoin is via websites and services called Faucets and/or through cashback websites like Lolli (see our Lolli review here).  These sites are services that distribute small amounts of BTC or other cryptocurrencies in exchange for completing tasks such as viewing advertisements or taking surveys.  The original Bitcoin faucet used to provide users 5 BTC every hour!  With the exponential rise of Bitcoin, the faucets payout rates have significantly dropped but you can still earn a few bucks and it’s a low cost (only time) way to learn how to use and earn Bitcoin.  For a list of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency faucets and how they work, view our main page or visit this link.

Best Paid to Click Crypto Faucets

Best Paid-To-Click (PTC) Websites 2021

Today at TapCrypto we want to cover a sub-type of cryptocurrency faucet called Paid-To-Click or shorthand PTC sites.  Also sometimes referred to as Get-Paid-To (GPT).  

TapCrypto works hard to validate and verify the authenticity of all faucets, we ourselves are also religious users of Crypto faucets, so we do our best to keep you informed about all that is happening in the Crypto faucet space.  Follow us on Twitter @tapcrypto1 or Subscribe to receive updates regarding faucet payouts, proofs, issues, and posts.

As a reminder, a Cryptocurrency faucet is a website or application that pays users small amounts of various crypto (such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc) to complete minor tasks.  This can range from various functions such as completing a captcha every hour, watching videos, completing surveys, or the topic we are covering today, clicking, and viewing advertisements.  Below we will cover a few sites that we have vetted as legitimate, that with no investment other than a little bit of time, can earn you some of the top/most popular crypto.  We have listed the following sites based on a few criteria.

  1. Typical amount of Advertisements available to view each day (more advertisements to view, the more crypto to earn!)
  2. Ease of use.  Timer/attention/captchas/etc.
  3. Cryptocurrency options available.
  4. Other features, such as a traditional faucet, games, surveys, etc.

As always you can find all verified faucets or sites in testing at our main website TapCrypto.co, subscribe/follow to stay up to date!

Without further ado, here are the best Paid-To-Click (PTC) cryptocurrency faucets that we at TapCrypto actively use. We have grouped them into two categories.

  1. Traditional Paid-To-Click – Sites where the primary earning method is viewing websites
  2. Other Faucets – Sites with various earning possibilities but have significant Paid-To-Click (PTC) earning opportunities (ie, more than 1 or 2 advertisements per day).

Top Traditional Paid-To-Click (PTC) Cryptocurrency Faucets


Signup/Register Here

Full Site Review Here

Payment Proof Here

CoinPayU makes this list and our top spot for several reasons.  It has a very clean User Interface (UI), very intuitive/easy to use, always has a healthy amount of advertisements to view daily and will pay out in many different cryptocurrencies depending on what you would like to collect! They have also very recently launched an Android Application to make it easier!  Beware of scam apps in the Google Play Store(relevant for this post, but also pretty much anything in life), so it’s our advice to go to CoinPayU and then find the App Store link to ensure you are downloading the correct app!  All told, a user can earn upwards of 100+ Satoshi a day, with only a few minutes of time per day invested.

Different Advertisement Types:

  • Surf Ads – There are typically anywhere from 20 to 50 advertisements to view daily in this section.  Each can pay (currently) from about 2 Satoshi to 6+ Satoshi per view depending on time requirement.  Each advertisement requires the user to open/view from between 10 and 60 seconds.  The best part of Surf Ads is that you are not required to keep your phone or computer’s browser attention on the window, meaning you can go and claim from other crypto faucets, or read news articles while the task is running.  This makes it very easy to do these tasks in parallel with others.  Additionally, we have found that the need to complete captchas is infrequent, only about every 5 or so advertisements viewed, and they have different captcha options, so you can avoid those very annoying hCaptchas!
CoinPayU ad surfing, pay to click advertisement page
  • Window Ads – Usually only 5 or so available each day but pay slightly better per view than Surf Ads.  These however do require your attention/browser focus to be on the advertisement for the duration of the timer.
  • Video Ads – as the name implies, these are video advertisements that open typically YouTube in browser that have timers between 30 and 60 Seconds each and pay a few Satoshi each. These also require the user’s browser attention.  A typical day will have 2 to 4 ads available to view.

Other Earning Options:

  • An Hourly faucet – Complete the captcha and claim a few Satoshi per hour.
  • Surveys – Various Offerwall providers allow you to complete research surveys and earn Satoshi.  These often have great payout rates but take a decent time investment.

Withdrawing Your Cryptocurrency:

  • FaucetPay (a Microwallet provider) – 1,500 Satoshi minimum that will be converted to the crypto of your choice upon withdrawal.
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Tron (TRX)
    • Tether (USDT) – Note, this is Tether-TRC-20 Address on the Tron Network, as supported on FaucetPay.
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Dash (DASH)
    • Binance BEP20 (BNB)
  • Direct Payments and Withdraw limit for each
    • Bitcoin (BTC) – 11,000 Satoshi
    • Ethereum (ETH) – 15,000 Satoshi – Converted to ETH upon withdrawal
    • BitTorrent (BTT) – 1,500 Satoshi
    • Payeer (an online wallet that allows you to store fiat and crypto) – If you want a fiat currency – 1,500 Satoshi converted upon withdrawal.


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Full Site Review Here

Payment Proof Here

AdBTC makes our list as a close second behind CoinPayU.  This ranking has more to do with the fact to do a ranking one site inevitably needs to be ranked lower than another.  AdBTC has plenty of Paid-To-Click (PTC) advertisements daily, and they are simple to use.  The one knock I have it that is User Interface is not as nice as CoinPayU. Additionally, they have added the option to earn the fiat currency Russian Rubles, so you must pay attention to what you are earning/section of the site you are on.  All said, AdBTC is an excellent and legitimate PTC faucet, and with a few minutes a day can earn anywhere between 50 and 100+ Satoshi per day.

Different Advertisement Types:

  • Surf Ads – You have the option to earn Satoshi or Russian Rubles. There are typically anywhere from 10 to 30 advertisements to view daily in this section.  Each can pay (currently) from about 2 Satoshi to as high as 30+ Satoshi per view depending on time requirement.  Very similar to CoinPayU, each advertisement requires the user to open/view from between 10 and 60 seconds.  You are not required to keep you phone or computers browser attention on the window. Again, this makes it very easy to do these tasks in parallel with others.  Other than one to enter the Surf Ads section, there are no other captchas you will need to complete.
AdBTC ad surfing, pay to click example. 25 bitcoin satoshi payout
  • Video Ads – Watch videos, but currently only pay in Russian Rubles and not Crypto.
  • Active Window Surfing – These are few and far between but require browser attention and a captcha to earn Satoshi. 
  • AutoSurfing – Like active window surfing but will auto open the next advertisement without your intervention.
  • Shortlinks – Navigate through a third-party website full of advertisements to complete a captcha.  This only pays in Russian Rubles, however.

Withdrawing Your Cryptocurrency:

  • FaucetPay (Microwallet provider) – 1,000 Satoshi minimum.
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Direct Payments and Withdraw limit for each
    • Bitcoin (BTC) – 30,000 Satoshi
    • Payeer (an online wallet that allows you to store fiat and crypto) – If you want a fiat currency – 100,000 Satoshi converted upon withdrawal.

Koiniom – Formerly Known as Kick-Ass Traffic

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Koiniom is very similar to the faucets we have discussed above, the only reason it’s ranked behind CoinPayU and AdBTC is that it is limited in Cryptocurrency Payouts and no direct to wallet option.  Meaning you must have a FaucetPay account if you wish to use Koiniom. That is not a huge detractor as FaucetPay is linked to a ton of faucets (we recommend you sign up and check out our list of Instant FaucetPay Faucets).  You do however need to choose what cryptocurrency you wish to claim prior to starting, anything you earn on one does not transfer over if you wish to claim a different coin.  It’s my recommendation to pick one, stay with it, and if you wish to collect a different coin later on you can use the trade functionality within the FaucetPay Microwallet.  The coin options you have are Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Pick one and get claiming! By viewing ads, you earn coins which you cash in for crypto upon withdrawal.  

Different Advertisement Types:

  • View Advertisements – Pays about 6 Koiniom Coins per view, but can vary. Usually a handful to view per day.
Koiniom Pay to click ad example
  • Active Window Ads – This requires your browser attention, and you must complete a captcha after each view.

Other Earning Options:

  • Traditional Faucet – Claim a few coins per hour
  • Offerwalls – Surveys and other options.

Withdrawing Your Cryptocurrency:

  • FaucetPay (Microwallet provider) – Once you have earned 1,000 Koiniom Coins, you can submit a withdrawal for whichever currency you are claiming.
    • Bitcoin (BTC) – for perspective, 1,000 coins is equal to ~300 satoshi.
    • Dash (DASH)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Telegram Click Bot


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Payment Proofs – Typically update one coin frequently, and the others when available. All are operated by the same operator (Doge.Click), so one paying out is a pretty good indicator of the rest.

In all honesty, the Telegram Click Bots operated by Doge.Click should be listed as the number one traditional Paid-To-Click site on this ranking.  The only thing holding it back is the fact you must be a user or download the Telegram app for your computer or mobile device. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service with applications available for Android, iOS and other operating systems/platforms. Developed on the Telegram platform are a series of Bots, which are accounts not managed by people but instead by software, designed to pay out several cryptocurrencies to users for completing simple tasks. The cryptocurrencies currently available are BitcoinBitcoin CashLitecoinZcash and Dogecoin. The number of ads to view is super high, I’ve never found a theoretical limit.

Different Advertisement Types:

  • Visit Sites – Much like all the Surf Ads above, this will pop up an advertisement site that you will need to remain on with browser focus for between 10 and 60 seconds.
Telegram Dogecoin clickbot for Pay to click advertisements
  • Message Bot – This will pop up another Telegram Bot, you will need to interact with it (usually by opening the /Start menu), then forward the message back to the Bot/coin you wish to claim as a form of verification that you completed the task.  I recommend then removing the Messaged Bots from your recent chat list or you could end up with a very messy Telegram App home screen. These usually pay very well for a real easy task.
  • Join Chats – This action will open another Telegram channel.  You need to subscribe/join chat, then you are required to remain in the chat for a specified amount of time (the longer the more it pays out).  Then on your Bot/coin you are claiming click “Joined” and it will check to see if you are in the chat. I typically join and then mute them, then leave the chat once the time is up (often an hour or more), but you are not actually required to talk to people or interact on the channel.

Withdrawing Your Cryptocurrency:

All are direct to a wallet, with a minimal withdrawal fee that they are very transparent about the amount.

Top Other Crypto Faucets with Paid-To-Click (PTC)

Now that you are familiar with what a PTC or GPT faucet site is, this section I want to briefly cover other sites who are not pure Paid-To-Click/Get-Paid-To, but have a significant amount of advertisements to view along with other earning methods.


You have seen FaucetPay mentioned numerous times above, now is time I explain it a little more thoroughly.  FaucetPay is traditionally viewed as a Microwallet, faucet earnings aggregator/provider.  Its aim is to minimize the transaction fees paid by Faucet operators, by having it all connected within one site.  Meaning transferring BTC from one wallet/user to another costs nothing (until you wish to withdraw from FaucetPay which will require a transaction fee.  This way you can earn from hundreds of different sites/faucets and the funds instantly will be credited to your account.  Many sites listed above pay out to FaucetPay exactly for this reason.  It’s a win-win for both site operators and users. So why is it on our list of Paid-To-Click faucets?  FaucetPay, along with other functionality discussed below, has its own site operated PTC section where you can earn a few Satoshi per view! A FaucetPay account is a must have for anyone using faucets, sign up here!

Core Site Functionality:

  • PTC – The main topic of this article, can be found by clicking the menu within FaucetPay. Within the Paid to Click section, you will find several advertisements (usually 20+ per day), the reward, and the amount of time needed to stay on the site.  You will need to complete a captcha afterwards, but it’s a real quick way to make a handful of Satoshi per day.  You can then trade it to any number of supported Cryptocurrencies.
FaucetPay.io ways to earn free crypto. Faucets, offerwalls, surveys, paid to click and FEY staking
FaucetPay.io paid to click ads page
  • Faucet List – This section will take you to all Faucets set up to pay into the FaucetPay microwallet.  These are third-party faucet operators, many of which pay instantly and allow you to do more traditional faucet claims at set intervals.  We recommend clicking around to see if you like anything, additionally, we have listed here a few that we have used and recommend. 
  • Offerwalls/Surveys – Other earning options previously discussed, such as downloading/installing apps or completing research surveys.
  • FEY Staking – This section is dedicated to staking Feyorra, which is FaucetPay’s own Ethereum-based Token(ERC-20).
  • Trade – Allows you to trade/convert your balance to and from any of the supported currencies.

Supported Coins:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Digibyte (DGB)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Tether (USDT) – TRC-20
  • Feyorra (FEY) – ERC-20
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Binance BEP20 (BNB)


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If I were compiling a list of the best overall cryptocurrency faucets, I am almost certain that FaucetCrypto would be in the top 1 or 2.  FaucetCrypto is an all around great site with many earning options, many cryptocurrency options, and fast payments.  You can’t go wrong with it. In addition to its traditional faucet, short links and offerwalls, it has one of the better/more consistent PTC sections.

Core Site Functionality:

  • Paid To Click (PTC) – The reason for this article, FaucetCrypto consistently has 20+ available advertisements to view each day.  Each pays out different rates based on the amount of time required per visit, either 16 seconds or 40 seconds.  These advertisements do require your browser’s attention. You also can earn extra rewards
FaucetCrypto Pay to click ads page and coin payouts
  • Faucet – Claim from the faucet by completing a captcha every 25 minutes currently.
  • Surveys/Offerwalls – download/install apps or complete research surveys to earn coin.
  • Shortlinks – Navigate through a third-party website full of advertisements to complete a captcha

Supported Coins:

Minimum withdrawal for all cryptocurrencies is 1,000 – FaucetCrypto coins.

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – FaucetPay withdraw only.
  • BitTorrent (BTT)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Digibyte (DGB)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Ethereum (ETH) – FaucetPay withdraw only.
  • Komodo (KMD)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Piratecash (PIRATE)
  • Reddcoin (RDD)
  • Ravencoin (RVN)
  • Syscoin (SYS)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Verge (XVG)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Horizen (ZEN)


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Ask many Crypto faucet users/enthusiasts what the best faucet around is, and you are very likely to hear about FaucetCrypto and Cointiply.  Simply put they are two of the best cryptocurrency faucets available.  Everything from their user interface (not a cut and copy of other sites), available coins, and earning options separate themselves from the pack.  Cointiply has a mobile app that makes claiming super simple, and their PTC section possibly the best among the traditional faucets.  I would recommend checking out the mobile app if you typically claim via your phone.  On Cointiply you earn Cointiply Coins, the rate is 10,000 coins equals $1 USD. With a minimum withdrawal of $3 of $5 USD depending on the crypto.  

Core Site Functionality:

  • Paid To Click (PTC) – Cointiply typically has upwards of 30+ PTC advertisements available each day.  They range from 5 to 50 coins per view and most require around a 10 second view.  You do however need to maintain browser focus on the site and complete a captcha, but their captchas are much simpler than ReCaptcha or hCaptcha.
Cointiply PTC ad options and payouts
  • Faucet – Claim from the faucet by completing a captcha every 60 minutes. Payout can range from 20 coins to 100,000+ depending on the Jackpot value and your roll.
  • Surveys/Offerwalls – download/install apps or complete research surveys to earn coin.
  • Videos – Watch videos, typically around 30 seconds and earn coins, around 10+ or so available a day
  • Play Games – play various games (not gambling/no wager of your coins) to earn coins based on activity. Games available range from Blackjack, crossword, chess, sudoku, and like 50+ more options. You earn 35 coins every time your activity balance fills up, typically a few minutes. If you are into mobile games, you will probably find something you enjoy.
  • Multiplier – a chance/gambling game that allows you to multiply your wager. Should come with a disclaimer, while I fully believe its legit, just like all gambling it is easy to lose your balance! (plus, it’s sort of fun/addicting haha)
  • Interest – Earn interest on your crypto balance once you have above 35,000 Cointiply Coins ($3.50)

Supported Coins:

All withdrawals are direct to wallet.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – 50,000 Cointiply Coins = $5.00 USD
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) – 30,000 Cointiply Coins = $3.00 USD
  • Dash (DASH) – 30,000 Cointiply Coins = $3.00 USD
  • Litecoin (LTC) – 30,000 Cointiply Coins = $3.00 USD

In conclusion, this list is a great introduction to the Paid-To-Click (PTC) or Get Paid To (GPT) Cryptocurrency faucet sub-type.  While not an exhaustive list, these are the ones we believe are most worth your time.  If you wish to find more Legit Paying Cryptocurrency Faucets, be sure to visit our main page TapCrypto.co and subscribe for email alerts or follow us on Twitter @tapcrypto1.  We strive to provide all up and coming crypto enthusiasts with accurate and proven faucet information and links. We try to stay up to date with all faucet news related to anything Bitcoin Faucet (BTC), Dogecoin faucet(DOGE), Litecoin faucet(LTC), Ethereum faucet(ETH), Zcash faucet(ZEC), Horizen faucet(ZEN), Digibyte faucet(DGB), Tron faucet(TRX), Algorand faucet(ALGO), Cosmos faucet(ATOM), and any other cryptocurrency available.  If you know of any good faucet or Paid To Click (PTC) cryptocurrency earning sites that we do not have listed, please feel free to comment on twitter or any post, we are always looking for suggestions!


Koiniom Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

Koiniom Crypto Faucet Overview

Formerly KickassTraffic, Koiniom is a PTC site that not only delivers PTC advertisements but also some excellent ads that function like other ad surfing sites such as AdBTC and CoinPayU. The Koiniom crypto faucet has been online since 2016 and is registered in the United States. You can also find their Twitter account here which was also registered in 2016 along with their Trustpilot account that was created in 2020. The more recent creation of the Trustpilot account is most likely due to a branding change from KickassTraffic. Unfortunately, we couldn’t discover any more information on the owner, although this is very normal for other crypto faucet sites that offer free ways to earn Bitcoin. However, you can submit reviews to Trustpilot, tweets to their Twitter account or email their support directly at support@koiniom.com.

Koiniom employs a one-of-a-kind script, and the site is visually appealing. To begin earning money, you must first have a FaucetPay account (signup here), select the coin you want to earn, then click the “Get Free Crypto” button next to your address. After that an overlay appears, displaying your data and allowing you to select between “Active Window Ads,” “View Advertisements,” and “Offerwalls”. It’s important to note you may change the cryptocurrency type by selecting the option at BTC; you can also earn Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

Koiniom can also be used to market your own websites. You just need to generate some advertisements for other users to view. You may promote your blog, your own PTC site, or a referral link to another site in this manner.

Koiniom Free Crypto Faucet Homepage
Koiniom Free Crypto Faucet Homepage

How to earn free crypto on Koiniom?

The “Active Window Ads” are the first and best way to earn Bitcoin and other crypto on Koiniom. They operate similarly to a normal ad surfing; you start them, watch them for a few seconds, and then click next. You must actively click on the next button and the window must remain in focus for it to operate, but it is still quite simple. The only disadvantage is that if you switch to another window for a second and then return, the timer may stop operating. The Active Window Ads earning section of Koiniom is the best section for time to earnings ratio and we recommend completing all available ads daily.

The second option at Koiniom is to “View advertisements.” It operates similarly to a typical PTC site in that you watch an ad, answer a captcha, and then you receive your satoshis. Because the advertisements do not require your attention, you may watch them while doing other things.

Koiniom Crypto Faucet Earning Dashboard - PTC Ads, Offerwalls and faucet claiming
Koiniom Crypto Faucet Earning Dashboard

Koiniom also provides several Offerwalls. The Offerwalls are the same as they are anywhere else, and you confront the same issues. If you have a tracking issue, you cannot rely on Koiniom; instead, you must contact the Offerwall’s support directly. When the tracking does not work, you are usually out of luck and will not be reimbursed. However, if you’re a user that has done Offerwalls on other sites and have been paid successfully, this is the most lucrative earning method on Koiniom.

Starting this year Koiniom began offering the opportunity to earn coins through a faucet. It’s on the far right side of the dashboard. However, the Faucet is a paid shortlink rather than a genuine Faucet. Nonetheless, we are overjoyed about the new earning potential, and you will be able to make much more than before. You may click the faucet and earn every 4 hours, after which you must wait again.

Is Koiniom worth using?

Koiniom features a very modern design and a distinctive script; it is also SSL-secured and has been active and paying for over 5 years. That demonstrates that the Koiniom owner put a lot of attention into the design and maintenance of the faucet. The active window advertisements are simple to set up and pay well. While the other claiming methods are a bit less profitable than the active window ads it’s still a good faucet to use along with several other PTCs we use such as AdBTC and CoinPayU. Overall Koiniom is a good site to add to your daily claiming schedule and we’d recommend it. To see our latest payment proof for the Koiniom faucet, click here and sign up for the faucet today!

FaucetSpin Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

What is FaucetSpin?

As the name suggests, FaucetSpin is a crypto faucet in which you can claim and earn free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The design is excellent; it is straightforward and intuitive to use. Many Faucets clog up their sites with useless information, making them difficult to navigate. FaucetSpin keeps things neat and tidy to allow you to focus on maximizing your faucet claiming. The site is also not completely devoid of advertisements, though you can utilize it without being constantly irritated by them. With withdraws available straight to FaucetPay, FaucetSpin is a great faucet to use.

The owners of the site appear to be anonymous, however the site was registered in 2020 in America and has been consistently paying their users since FaucetSpin’s inception.

How to earn free crypto on FaucetSpin?

You can earn your favorite Cryptocurrency in one of two ways. You can choose whatever cryptocurrency you want to claim, and each Coin has its own waiting period. Bitcoin takes 30 minutes to claim, but Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin only take 5 minutes. The payout is excellent and there are no additional shortlinks needed to make the claim. You will get your coins right away simply by solving a captcha.

We don’t know why each Cryptocurrency has a different waiting period; perhaps you have to wait longer for Bitcoin since the payment is simply too high. You get 5 satoshis every claim while writing this, which is more than double what other crypto faucets like GraBTC or Freebitco.in pay. We don’t believe the payout is poor; it’s just that the payment from Faucetspin is a bit better in that regard.

The high minimum withdrawal amount is one of FaucetSpin’s drawbacks. To send money to FaucetPay, you currently need at least 10,000 satoshis in Bitcoin. That’s a lot of crypto, especially considering there are other similar sites with much lower minimum withdrawal thresholds. The minimum withdrawal amount for the other cryptocurrencies is same, but you earn a lot more of them. That implies that if you opt to claim all four coins, you can send your payments to Faucetpay fairly quickly, with the exception of your Bitcoin. As with other crypto faucets we can see the minimum withdrawal lowered as the price of Bitcoin increases.

FaucetSpin in Conclusion

In short, FaucetSpin seems to be pretty comparable to other top crypto faucets and worth giving it a try to add diversity to the site you claim. The biggest drawback is the high withdrawal minimum, but being able to claim 4 (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin) of the most established cryptocurrencies worth it. Start claiming from FaucetSpin today and earn free crypto!

Koiniom Payment Proof

Tap Crypto is the best source for proven free crypto currency faucets. Every faucet on our site has been thoroughly vetted by our team to confirm you’re signing up for trustworthy faucet sites. As a part of our due diligence we make sure the faucets on TapCrypto.co are paying their users for all of their coin claims. Below you will find the latest payment proofs done by our admin team proving the legitimacy of Koiniom‘s faucet.

Payment Proof Date: 8-20-2021
Coins Withdrawn: Koiniom

Koniom Crypto Faucet Bitcoin Payment Proof 8-20-2021
Koniom Crypto Faucet Bitcoin Payment Proof 8-20-2021

Payment Proof Date: 6-8-2021
Coins Withdrawn: Koiniom

Koiniom Bitcoin Payment Proof 6-8-2021
Koiniom Bitcoin Payment Proof 6-8-2021

CoinPayU Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

CoinPayU Overview

CoinPayU is one of the best faucet sites that lets you earn mainly through different types of PTC ads, offers and multiple faucets. The PTC ads and offers claim methods on CoinPayU are all denominated in Bitcoin Satoshis so when you claim your balance will reflect a BTC value. This is especially beneficial when Bitcoin is priced lower as claim values tend to be higher, but as with most faucets claim values will generally correlate with the current market cap. CoinPayU offers 8 cryptocurrencies to withdraw to including Bitcoin (direct to your wallet or FaucetPay), Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and USD (only to Payeer). CoinPayU’s website is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly so you can begin claiming today on any device.

Getting Started on CoinPayU

Click here to sign up for CoinPayU. Once your account is registered you will see your current claim balance level, deposit balance/balance to spend on ads, and referral count in the center of the screen. On the left side of the screen you will see all the different ways to earn and advertise on CoinPayU’s site. As you continue to make complete PTC ads everyday, you will see your points increase over time. Though it’s unclear what this point system does, we expect it to reward you with higher paying ads or claims as most loyalty level systems do on other top crypto faucets.

CoinPayU dashboard page showing ways to earn Bitcoin and BTC balance
CoinPayU Dashboard Page

Collecting Free Bitcoin on CoinPayU

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free Bitcoin from each of the various methods of making claims on CoinPayU’s website. To start, the “Surf” claiming section generally offers the largest amount of PTC ads to view, followed by Window Ads, and then finally Video Ads. If you used other crypto faucets, you’ll know that Offers and Surveys are typically the most lucrative claiming methods but will more than likely require some personal information to complete.

Ad Surfing

As mentioned above the “Surf” section on CoinPayU is where you’ll want to spend almost all of your claim time. Once you’re in this section you’ll see the ad you’ll have to view, the amount of satoshi earned for completing the PTC ad, and the time it will take for you to earn the PTC claim. Once you open the ad it will open you up into a new tab within your browser and your main CoinPayU tab will begin the countdown timer. The best part about CoinPayU is that you don’t have to be on the ad tab for the timer to continue allowing you to multitask and make claims from other faucets while you wait. Once you reach the time limit of the ad (typically 10-60 seconds), you’ll want to close the ad tab, navigate back to CoinPayU where you’ll see your satoshis credited to your account, your previously completed ad greyed out and a new ad ready for you to click just below. Throughout the day more ads will pop-up so be sure to keep checking if you happen to run out of ads to view. You can also navigate to the other claim methods that we will go into more detail about below once you’re completely out of regular ads to surf.

CoinPayU PTC Ad Surfing page showing claim amounts and claim timer
CoinPayU PTC Ad Surfing Page

Active Window Ads

Similar to the Surf Ads method of earning free Bitcoin on CoinPayU, these ads require you to be physically viewing the ad that you’ve clicked. This is less passive than regular ad surfing but you’ll be able to claim from usually 10-20 more ads. In this section you’ll see the current ad offers, the time to complete the ad and the ad payout once you reach the time limit.

Video Ads

Lastly, the Videos Ads section is similar to the Active Windows Ads described above. In the Video Ads section all you have to do is open up the ad click play and the let the time run out before closing the ad page. Usually there aren’t many video ads available day-to-day but theyre just as easy to do as the Active Window Ads.

Offers and Surveys

There are currently 14 vendors available for Offers and Surveys on CoinPayU. The page is sorted by vendor popularity and you’ll notice some of the bigger ones such as CPX Research, Yuno, Wannads, OfferToro as well as a few others. As with most faucet sites, completing Offers and Surveys will net you the biggest payouts though you will most likely need to provide more personal information.

Faucet Claiming

The faucet page on CoinPayU allows you to claim 2 cryptocurrencies every 60 minutes for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can choose another 2 cryptos to claim for the next 24 hours or continue claiming your two preferred coins. The 7 faucets you can claim from are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Tron. The faucet claim brings you to a new page where you wait 10 seconds, move onto the next page to complete a captcha and complete your claim. After completing your claim you balances will update. Also, on the faucet claim page you can swap your claimed cryptos for BTC. There is no fee for swapping altcoins into Bitcoin on CoinPayU, but you must have at least $0.05 worth of the altcoin to complete the swap. 

CoinPayU hourly faucet claim page for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Tron
CoinPayU Hourly Faucet Claim Page

How to Maximize CoinPayU Claims

CoinPayU is a straightforward faucet so maximizing your claiming potential is easy. If you’re open to doing Offers and Surveys then that is our number one recommendation. If not, then you should focus on regular Ad Surf as number one since you can claim other sites while you have the PTC ads open. After completing the Ad Surf section, we’d recommend doing the Window Ads and Video Ads while you’re focused on something else like Netflix and chilling or work. Lastly, if you’re doing other sites’ hourly faucet claims it doesn’t hurt to add in one more and can even limit it to just Bitcoin faucet claims on CoinPayU if you want.

Withdrawing Your Crypto

Once you’ve reached the withdrawal limits for CoinPayU you can navigate to the withdrawal page. As mentioned above, you have the option to withdraw Bitcoin (direct to your wallet or FaucetPay), Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and USD (only to Payeer) from CoinPayU. At the time of writing this article the minimum withdrawal threshold is 2,000 satoshis except for withdrawing Bitcoin directly to you wallet which requires 11,000 satoshis. From our experience at TapCrypto, the FaucetPay withdrawal time will take the full 3 days to process. Click here to find the latest proof of payments for CoinPayU.

CoinPayU Withdrawal Page for 7 cryptocurrencies direct to your wallet, FaucetPay or Payeer
CoinPayU Withdrawal Page

AlgorandFaucet.com Payment Proof

Tap Crypto is the best source for proven free crypto currency faucets. Every faucet on our site has been thoroughly vetted by our team to confirm you’re signing up for trustworthy faucet sites. As a part of our due diligence we make sure the faucets on TapCrypto.co are paying their users for all of their coin claims. Below you will find the latest payment proofs done by our admin team proving the legitimacy of AlgorandFaucet.com‘s faucet.

Payment Proof Date: 5-3-2021
Coins Withdrawn: Algorand

AlgorandFaucet.com Payment Proof 5-3-2021
AlgorandFaucet.com Payment Proof 5-3-2021

Z-Cash.xyz Faucet Payment Proof

Tap Crypto is the best source for proven free crypto currency faucets. Every faucet on our site has been thoroughly vetted by our team to confirm you’re signing up for trustworthy faucet sites. As a part of our due diligence we make sure the faucets on TapCrypto.co are paying their users for all of their coin claims. Below you will find the latest payment proofs done by our admin team proving the legitimacy of Z-Cash.xyz‘s faucet.

Payment Proof Date: 5-2-2021
Coins Withdrawn: Zcash

Z-Cash.xyz Faucet ZEC Payment Proof 5-2-2021
Z-Cash.xyz ZEC Payment Proof 5-2-2021