Complete TheCryptoFaucet Review

TheCryptoFaucet is currently only paying out Dogecoin. Please follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our payment proof page for more details. TheCryptoFaucet Overview We at Tap Crypto promise to always be forthcoming when it comes to the validity and legitimacy of the faucets we cover and list on our site. With thisContinue reading “Complete TheCryptoFaucet Review”

TheCryptoFaucet Payment Proof

TheCryptoFaucet is only paying out Dogecoin currently. We recommend withdrawing as soon as possible after hitting the 10 Doge withdrawal threshold. Tap Crypto is the best source for proven free crypto currency faucets. Every faucet on our site has been thoroughly vetted by our team to confirm you’re signing up for trustworthy faucet sites. AsContinue reading “TheCryptoFaucet Payment Proof”