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In an industry surrounded by bad media press of scams, hackers and illegal activities we make it a point to be transparent with our site and show all the good the crypto industry can provide. At TapCrypto we are the best source to find proven and verified free crypto currency faucets. Every faucet on our site has been thoroughly vetted by our team to confirm you’re signing up for trustworthy faucet sites. As a part of our due diligence we make sure the faucets on TapCrypto.co are paying their users for all of their coin claims. Our payment proofs are updated monthly at the very least and some more often. By keeping this site running it helps you and other users know they’re signing up for the highest quality crypto faucet sites. If you’d like to support us, please donate to an address below. Thank you for all your support and happy claiming!

All donations are greatly appreciated!
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Affiliate Disclaimer

If you click on any link displayed on TapCrypto we thank you very much! By clicking and using sites represented or making purchases, we may receive a referral or affiliate commission. It goes a long way to keeping our site running, providing you with the most up to date information about faucets and other sites. Please use caution anytime you purchase or transfer money online, our aim with TapCrypto is to find opportunities for our users to earn money without financial investments. All sites represented allow the user to earn cryptocurrencies simply based off of time and effort, but some may offer other products for sale/investment. We urge everyone to do your due diligence if considering spending money vs using the sites for free as we outline in our site reviews. Thanks so much for using our site, we are happy to use our platform to provide opportunities for users to make money online and to steer people away from scams.


The TapCrypto Team.

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