Out of Business Crypto Faucets

List of Crypto Faucets That Are No Longer Paying

Below is a list dry crypto faucets that are no longer paying their customers. These sites are no longer recommended by the TapCrypto team. If these sites eventually payout we will provide updates on our Twitter, the faucet’s payment proof page and in our faucet details section. Please visit our verified list of faucets that are currently paying their customers for their faucet claims.

Last Payment
TheCryptoFaucet 2021-07-31
Bonus Bitcoin 2020-01-31
BitFun 2020-01-31
Moon Bitcoin 2020-01-31
Moon Bitcoin Cash 2020-01-31
Moon Litecoin 2020-01-31
Moon Dogecoin 2020-01-31
Moon Dash 2020-01-31
Dry Crypto Faucet List

Its unfortunate that faucet sites occasionally go bust, but it happens from time to time. This is why it is smart to diversify and not put all your efforts into one single site. Visit the TapCrypto home page to see active paying crypto faucets. Be sure to subscribe to TapCrypto and follow us on twitter @tapcrypto1!

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