Complete Overview will be shutting down on June 1, 2021. You will no longer be able to withdraw any cryptocurrency available on their site except for Bitcoin after April 30th. If you want to withdraw an altcoin we recommend withdrawing your funds as soon as possible. faucet shutting down  June 1 2021 notice Overview

CoinPanda is one of the best faucet sites we’ve come across on TapCrypto. You have up to 29 cryptocurrencies to claim, of which you can claim multiple coins at time. Not only do you have a diverse group of cryptocurrencies to earn, you’re able to hit the withdrawal thresholds quickly with some of their auto-claim style features referred to as “Jet” and “Turbo”. is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly but we’d recommend a combination of mobile and desktop usage to maximize your claim potential and earn more free cryptocurrencies. 

Getting Started

Click here to sign up for Once your account is registered you’re able to start making claims, completing shortlinks and some PTCs. On the home screen you can see your current claims level and experience. Further down you will see Jet and then Turbo which will explain further below. Lastly, you’ll want to go to the coins page and pick the crypto or multiple cryptocurrencies that you want to claim. If you choose 2 or 3 coins it will auto-distribute your claims across the coins selected. Keep in mind that you will reach the withdrawal thresholds at a slower pace the more coins you choose.

Collecting CoinPanda Claim Points

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free claim points from each of the various methods of making claims on their website. To start, the main faucet claiming section will give you 30 claim points every 15 minutes. The points you earn are denominated in USD and the exchange rate can be found on the homepage.

CoinPanda Claims, Level and Experience
CoinPanda Claims, Level and Experience

Coin Claiming

15 minutes – CoinPanda allows you to make claims throughout the day for claim points. Just go to the Earn Claims, then faucet where you will need to complete a Captcha challenge before earning the points. Making faucet claims is eligible for Challenge achievements. Every 4, 10, 25 and 35 faucet claims you make you will then receive a bonus by going to the challenge screen and claiming the Challenge. The faucet is the easiest and most passive way of earning free crypto on CoinPanda and is more than enough to withdraw regularly if you hit 20-25 claims a day.

Shortlinks are one of the best of earning claim points fast on CoinPanda. At the time of writing this post, they are 20 available shortlinks ranging from 50-75 claims per completion. These are the typical shortlinks you would see on other faucet sites where you’re redirected to another site, fill out a captcha or two and wait for the time to finish before being redirected back to the CoinPanda faucet site. Similar to faucet claims, shortlinks have Challenge bonus claims you can claim after completing 5, 10, 15, and 17 shortlinks. 

CoinPanda Challenge Bonus Payout Screen
CoinPanda Challenge Bonus Payout Screen


Throughout the day the level of PTC Ads will vary on CoinPanda but on average there will usually be 1-3. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. PTC ads currently offer 10 claim points per view. The viewing time is set to 10 seconds and upon completion you will fill out an easy captcha before earning your points.

Jet and Turbo

The Jet and Turbo features are what power your claim points to crypto. After making a few faucet claims you will be able to enable the Jet. This will stay on as long as you don’t reach 0 claim points. This will automatically make 1 claim or better described as a claim to crypto exchange. Where you really start making free crypto is when you turn on the Turbo. To enable Turbo you will need to have over 1000 claim points and a computer open with an active CoinPanda tab up in your browser. Before turning on the Turbo feature, we recommend getting to 2000 or more claims so it has time to run. Make sure the power is set to 40 and start the Turbo for CoinPanda for the site to start making automatic claims for you at a 10x rate compared to the Jet.

CoinPanda Turbo Start
CoinPanda Turbo Start

Withdrawing Your Crypto and Crypto Asset Exchanges

If you’re following the suggestions of making 20-25 faucet claims a day and few shortlinks you will most likely hit your withdrawal threshold within a week or less depending on your activity levels and your chosen crypto that you want to claim. If you chose multiple coins, then you may have to wait a few extra days before withdrawing. Down below are the minimum withdraws, fees and if you can withdraw directly to a wallet, Coinbase or ExpressCrypto. Click here to see our latest payment proofs for CoinPanda’s faucet.

(x indicates this withdraw option can’t be used, fee is only applicable for withdrawals to a direct wallet)

Available CoinsMin WithdrawFee (if a direct wallet)Direct WalletCoinbaseExpress
Bitcoin BTC​0.00000250​0 BTC​x​
Ethereum ETH​0.00005000​0 ETH​x​
Litecoin LTC​0.00001000​0 LTC​
BitcoinCash BCH​0.00012500​0 BCH​
Bitcoin SV BSV​0.00001046​0.00000456 BSV​x​x​
Tron TRX​0.50000000​0 TRX​x​
Ethereum Classic ETC​0.00102100​0.000021 ETC​
Cardano ADA​1.00000000​0.179288 ADA​x​
Stellar XLM​0.25000000​0 XLM​x​
Ripple XRP​0.05000000​0 XRP​x​
Dash DASH​0.00010000​0 Dash​
EOS EOS​0.10000000​0 EOS​x​x​
Cosmos ATOM​0.01000000​0.0005 ATOM​x​
Tezos XTZ​0.05268800​0.002688 XTZ​
Qtum QTUM​0.01092000​0.00135 QTUM​x​x​
Zcash ZEC​0.00010000​0 ZEC​
Monero XRM​0.00056404​0.00006404 XRM​x​
ChainLink LINK​0.05000000​0 LINK​x​x​
NEM XEM​0.45000000​0.1 XEM​x​x​
Digibyte DGB​0.40000000​0 DGB​x​
Dogecoin DOGE​12.00000000​1 DOGE​x​
BitTorrent BTT​100.00000000​0 BTT​x​x​
ZEN​0.005​0 ZEN​
ALGO​0.1​0.001 ALGO​x​
ELROND​0.005​0.00005 EGLD​x​x​
Avalanche AVAX​0.01750000​0.001 AVAX​x​x​
Binance Coin BNB​0.00500000​0.00035 BNB​x​x​
Just JST​3.00000000​0 JST​x​x​
SUN​0.00750000​0 SUN​x​x​

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