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TapCrypto built a mobile optimized web app and site to make claiming from multiple faucets and sites more organized and efficient. In this post we will discuss why it was built, why its different than our standard site, and how you can possibly use the application. Please note, this is a work in progress, as such it is actively being tweaked, modified, and improved. It can be used on a laptop, Chromebook, or PC, but the layout is specifically created for mobile devices.

Not to worry, its not an application you need to download software.  Its a browser app that you can keep open in a tab to access all the faucets you use in a single location.

Try it out here: Open in new tab

Why Build a Mobile App?

As faucet users ourselves, we realized that we often want to make claims on the go, or using a mobile device. Knowing that many other claimers out there also prefer to use mobile devices or maybe only use mobile. The problem we encounter often is the annoyance of having a dozen plus tabs open at any given time. Your options currently are to either keep all faucet sites you use open in tabs at all times, or open a site each time you want by using bookmarks or typing the hyperlink. We thought, how could we make this better organized and efficient? Wouldn’t it be nice to just have one tab open, and be able to select any faucet site I wish to use at that time? Well that is what we did with the TapCrypto Web App and Mobile Site. We have organized many of the sites we use in a sleek and convenient app.

How to Use the Mobile Web App

We have organized the web application to have multiple tabs. Contained within each tab are different types of Crypto Faucets.

TapCrypto Mobile App Menu Options
TapCrypto Mobile Web App Tabs


The FaucetPay tab is the first one you will see. Why is that? Well we think that of all uses, those that use FaucetPay instant paying faucets may receive the most benefit from this application, even though it has value to offer all types of faucet users. While there are thousands of faucets that are connected to FaucetPay, there are typically two types of sites. One, there are faucets that require accounts or sign ups, then second, there are those that are instant payments that only require and email or a crypto address that is connected to FaucetPay. We built this app and tab to assist in those that wish to use the instant payment faucets. The sites that require a log in and pay to FaucetPay will be located on other tabs. These instant paying faucets typically allow users to claim very frequently, the issue many users have is that they typically are all different websites and thus need multiple tabs. Closing the tab often makes it needed to reopen it the next time someone wants to claim. The Application we created solves that problem as the user can close the faucet site, but can easily access it the next time they wish to claim. We organized instant faucets underneath a “group” so that you can see all different currencies and sites that each operator has and users can cycle through each to do claims. The layout for Apple iOS and Android may differ slightly, but the experience is pretty much the same. Clicking into a “group” will open up all associated instant faucets where you will see all cryptocurrencies available from that operator. Clicking any link will open it in a new tab to claim. Additionally, if you like the faucet, each site has an option to “favorite” it. This will add it to an easy to access “favorites” tab. Note this will require you to sign up/create an account with an email address, but we at TapCrypto do not have access to your user accounts or emails, so from our end its anonymous (how we would prefer it).

  • TapCrypto FaucetPay Faucets
  • TapCrypto Mobile App Diamond Faucet Page
  • TapCrypto Mobile App Favorite Faucets Page


This tab contains all sites that allow claims only once or limited amount per day. For example, the Reddit Moon Faucet, can only be used once per day. RollerCoin has no timer as its mini-game and task based. On the detail page of each faucet will contain all relevant information for quick review by users such as what coins you can earn, what type of tasks are involved such as Paid to Click or Shorlinks, and more. It will have a link to any relevant reviews that exist on our standard TapCrypto site. All faucet sites on this section do require registration and an account.

  • TapCrypto Mobile App Daily & Misc Faucets Page
  • TapCrypto Mobile App PipeFlare Faucet Details Page

Paid to Click (PTC)/ Get Paid To (GPT)

This tab contains many of the top available Paid to Click sites. A PTC site is a place which users can view advertisements in exchange for various cryptocurrencies. To learn a bit more about how faucets and PTC/GPT sites work, read our article breaking down the business of crypto faucets, here.

  • TapCrypto Mobile App PTC Faucets Page
  • TapCrypto Mobile App CoinPayU Details Page
  • TapCrypto Mobile App CoinPayU in Favorites Page

60 Minute/Hourly Faucets

This tab organizes all faucets in which the standard timer is 60 minutes. There are many other features to most of these sites like PTC or Offerwalls, but the main faucet feature is hourly. Examples include staples such as Grab.TC or Free-Litecoin. All faucet sites on this section do require registration and an account.

  • TapCrypto Mobile App 60 Minute Faucets
  • TapCrypto Mobile App Cointiply Details Page
  • TapCrypto Mobile App

30 Minute Faucets

This section contains faucet sites that have a claim cycle of around 30 minutes. Not everyone is exactly 30 minutes, such as CoinLean, however we felt these sites belonged here vs the next section. All faucet sites on this section do require registration and an account.

  • TapCrypto Mobile App Under 30 Minute Faucets
  • TapCrypto Mobile App FinalAutoClaim Details Page

15 Minutes or Less

These sites all have claim cycles less than 15 minutes. There is some variability such as HilAno Faucet available to claim every 3 minutes, while Faucetoshi is every 15. Regardless, these sites all have relatively quick claim times. They all also have multiple functions besides just a standard claim, which you can find within the detail page. All faucet sites on this section do require registration and an account.

  • TapCrypto Mobile App Under 15 Minute Faucets Page
  • TapCrypto Mobile App AllCoins Faucet Details
  • TapCrypto Mobile App AllCoins in Favorites Page

TapCrypto Home Page

Lastly you will find information about the web app, a link to TapCrypto and our Twitter accounts. We are excited about this, but again its a new feature we are building overtime. We would love to hear comments or suggestions, reach out via twitter or comment on this post!

About Page of TapCrypto Mobile App
TapCrypto App Home Page

Our main TapCrypto Page is still our primary focus, visit often to get the most complete list of verified paying and legit crypto faucets, reviews, payment proofs, scams to avoid, and long form informative articles. But we believe a purely mobile optimized experience will be appreciated by our users.

Affiliate Disclaimer: There are affiliate links within this post, on our site, and mobile app. If you click a link and do business with these companies we may earn a small commission to keep TapCrypto running. We strongly recommend you do your own due diligence before deciding whether or not using the sites or services are for you.

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