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AdBCH is one of the best  faucet sites that lets you earn free Bitcoin Cash satoshis by visiting websites through PTC advertising. Like most faucet and PTC sites that let you collect free crypto, AdBCH also relies on advertising revenue that you generate for them when visiting their website and completing PTC ads. In turn, AdBCH pays you back in Bitcoin Cash satoshis. You can eventually withdraw your earned satoshis into your own personal wallet or FaucetPay. AdBCHs website is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly so you can begin claiming today on any device.

Getting Started on AdBCH Top

Click here to sign up for AdBCH.Top. Once your account is registered you will see your current balance and all the different ways to earn and advertise on AdBCH’s site.

How to earn Bitcoin Cash on
AdBCH Top Earning Opportunities

Collecting Free Bitcoin Cash

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free Bitcoin Cash from each of the various methods of making claims on their website. To start, the “Surfing” claiming section will give you the best and most consistent payout on AdBCH and will be where you want to spend 99% of your claim time. 

PTC Ad Surfing: As mentioned above the “Surfing” section on AdBCH Top is where you’ll want to spend almost all of your claim time. Once you’re in this section you’ll see the ad you’ll have to view, the amount of satoshi earned for completing the PTC ad, and then the skip and open buttons. Once you open the ad it will open you up into a new tab within your browser and your main AdBCH tab will begin the countdown timer. The best part about AdBCH is that you don’t have to be on ad tab for the timer to continue allowing you to multitask and make claims from other faucets while you wait. Once you reach the time limit of the ad (typically 10-60 seconds), you’ll want to close the ad tab, navigate back to AdBCH where you’ll see your satoshis credited to your account and a new ad ready for you to click. Throughout the day more ads will pop-up so be sure to keep checking if you happen to run out of ads to view.

Active Window PTC Ad Surfing: Similar to the Surf method of earning free Bitcoin Cash on AdBCH, there is an active window PTC Ad surf where there is a list of PTC ads to choose from. In this section you’ll see the current ad offers, the time to complete the ad and the ad payout once you reach the time limit. 

Offers: This section allows users to earn BCH by dong various offerwalls. The two available offerwall providers are CPX Research and Wannads. The available methods of earning are, but not limited to, Surveys and app installs. By completing these tasks you will earn a decent amount of Bitcoin Cash Satoshi, but remember they take the most overall time from claim to payout and you should be careful installing any apps on your phone/computer.

Offerwall section on AdBCH
AdBCH Top OfferWall Section

Shortlinks: Discussed in previous reviews and articles, shortlinks are a common earning feature on many websites. Completing a shortlink typically involves completing multiple challenges, such as a captcha or a wait timer, while viewing multiple advertisements. Once the challenges are completed, the user is returned back to AdBCH Top’s website and is credited an amount of BCH Satoshi. Most of the time there are about 10 different shortlinks for users to complete each day. Short link earning opportunities.
AdBCH Shortlinks

Bonus: Lastly, there are one time earning opportunities available for users by completing two tasks currently. These involve joining their Telegram Bot and writing a review on FoxyRating.

Additional bonus earning chances on
AdBCH Top Bonus Earning Opportunities

AdBCH Telegram Click Bot

Interesting development is the addition of a Telegram Click Bot and faucet. These operate very similarly to the DogeClick Telegram Click Bots which are in the process of being shut down. There are four different options to earn on the AdBCH Telegram faucet.

Visit Sites: Earn coins by visiting websites or other promoted telegram accounts (Pay-to-Click/PTC). The duration varies between 10 to 60 seconds, you will be prompted/notified of how long you must remain on the site to earn before you can close out or return to the crypto bot page. 

Message Bots: Earn coins by communicating with other bot accounts/channels and forwarding the response back to the Telegram Click Bot you are using. These tasks are not always available, but tend to payout better than PTC site visits. 

Join Chats: Earn coins by joining other Telegram groups/accounts for a certain period of time. This does not require you to actually engage in any of the content. So you can join hundreds of chats and just wait to receive your payout. The payout period varies between an hour and multiple days! Rule of thumb, the longer you remain in the group, the higher payout. Hint, you can join many groups, and mute the notifications until you are paid out by the Crypto Click Bot. 

Shortlinks: Earn coins by completing various shortlink challenges. These typically require the user to complete various captcha and timers before being returned to the original page and being rewarded with a small amount of cryptocurrency (BCH).

Withdrawing from the AdBCH Telegram Bot requires a minimum balance of 5,000 BCH Satoshi (0.00005000) and pays exclusively to FaucetPay.

Sign up for AdBCH Telegram Bot: Here

Sign up for FaucetPay: Here

Withdrawing Bitcoin from AdBCH

Once you’ve reached the withdrawal limits for AdBCH you can navigate to the withdraw page. Here you will have the option to withdraw your satoshis to one of three places or move your Bitcoin Cash balance into your advertising funds. Your options to withdraw are FaucetPay which is 20,000 satoshis, Payeer or direct your wallet which requires you to have a 100,000 satoshi balance. From our experience at TapCrypto, the FaucetPay withdrawal time will take the full 3 days to process. Click here to find the latest proof of payments for AdBCH.Top.

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AdBCH Top is one of the best Paid to Click (PTC) sites available. For other great faucet sites, see below:

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