Complete Free Crypto Telegram Click Bot Review

Please note that the operator Doge.Click has decided to shut down the service/bots. They will remain open/available until 7/1/2022.

Doge.Click service shutdown notice.
Doge.Click Shutting Down All Bots

Telegram Crypto Faucet Bots Overview 

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service with applications available for Android, iOS and other operating systems/platforms. Developed on the Telegram platform are a series of Bots (more info here), which are accounts not managed by people but instead by software, designed to pay out several cryptocurrencies to users for completing simple tasks. The cryptocurrencies currently available are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Zcash and Dogecoin

Getting Started on Telegram Crypto Faucets

In order to start earning your cryptocurrency of choice, you need to sign up/register on Telegram. Clicking any of these links should take you to a page with a sign up prompt. 

Bitcoin | BitcoinCash | Litecoin | Zcash | Dogecoin

Once signed up you are ready to claim, open up the Telegram app and get to earning! 

Collecting Free Crypto on Telegram Bots

Once on the bot of your choice, press the “Start” button. Doing so will bring up a menu of options for you to choose. 

Telegram Doge clickbot welcome page

Before claiming, depending on your preferences, you can go to settings and decide to either allow or block ads with NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. 

Visit Sites: Earn coins by visiting websites or other promoted telegram accounts (Pay-to-Click/PTC). The duration varies between 10 to 60 seconds, you will be prompted/notified of how long you must remain on the site to earn before you can close out or return to the crypto bot page. 

Telegram dogeclick PTC ad

Message Bots: Earn coins by communicating with other bot accounts/channels and forwarding the response back to the Telegram Click Bot you are using. These tasks are not always available, but tend to payout better than PTC site visits. 

Join Chats: Earn coins by joining other Telegram groups/accounts for a certain period of time. This does not require you to actually engage in any of the content. So you can join hundreds of chats and just wait to receive your payout. The payout period varies between an hour and multiple days! Rule of thumb, the longer you remain in the group, the higher payout. Hint, you can join many groups, and mute the notifications until you are paid out by the Crypto Click Bot. 

Telegram dogeclick faucet join chat for free doge

Achievements: All 5 bots offer a daily loyalty bonus. All you must do is complete 3 tasks (of any variety on any of the bots) to earn 2% more on all earnings from tasks. Each subsequent day of completing a minimum of 3 tasks you will earn additional 2% up to a maximum of 50%. 

Coin Claiming: No limit to how often or how many tasks you wish to complete! 

Withdrawing Crypto from Telegram Faucets

The minimum withdraw threshold for each bot is shown in the table below. Each coin does have a minimal withdrawal fee, with the exception of Dogecoin which is free. We have found these bots are quick to send the coins to your wallet/exchange (be sure the addresses you send to do not have minimums), usually receiving within the hour. Happy Claiming!

CoinPayment ProofMinimum Withdrawal
Bitcoin0.00003000 BTCs
BitcoinCash0.0001 BCHs
Litecoin0.0004 LTCs
Zcash0.00035 ZECs
Dogecoin4 Doges
Telegram Crypto Click Bot Minimum Withdrawal Thresholds

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