Complete FaucetCrypto Review

FaucetCrypto Overview

FaucetCrypto is a faucet that lets you earn their own specific FaucetCrypto coins and lets you exchange out your coins for any of the 20 cryptocurrencies FaucetCrypto currently offers. Like most faucet sites that let you collect free crypto currencies, FaucetCrypto also relies on advertising revenue that you generate for them when visiting their website. In turn, FaucetCrypto pays you back in their own FaucetCrypto coins. You can eventually convert these FaucetCrypto coins into a crypto coin of your choice to withdraw into your own personal wallet. The site is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly so you’re able to collect coins from any of your devices.

Getting Started

Click here to sign up for FaucetCrypto. Once your account is registered you will see your username, current level and percentage multiplier when earning coins. As you continue to make claims, complete PTC ads, shortlinks and offers you will see your levels and percentage multipliers increase over time.

Collecting FaucetCrypto coins

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free crypto from each of the various methods of making claims on their website. To start, you will typically see claims at about 10 coins and as your level and bonus multiplier increases over time you will see your coin claims rise as well. At the time of writing this article 3.66 coins is equal to 1 satoshi and that exchange rate rarely moves from 3-4 coins to 1 satoshi rate. To check the current Bitcoin satoshi to FaucetCrypto coins exchange rates you can find it at the bottom left corner in the sidebar menu. 

FaucetCrypto coin to satoshi conversion rate
FaucetCrypto Coins to Satoshis Exchange Rate

Achievements: Within FaucetCrypto you will have the ability to increase your rank and earn coins by accomplishing tasks on their website. You’ll have the chance to complete 4 categories of achievements on FaucetCrypto. These categories include shortlinks, PTC ads, levels and daily bonuses. When hitting your achievement be sure to navigate to the achievements page to claim your experience to increase your level or claim your coins to increase your coin balance. Each of the categories have different achievement bonuses, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

Coin Claiming: 40 minutes or 36 times a day – FaucetCrypto allows you to make claims throughout the day for their own coin which you can swap for a crypto currency of your choosing. To accomplish this, you select the “Ready To Claim” option on the left sidebar menu, wait 12 seconds then proceed to click the “Claim” button. This is the easiest and most passive method of claiming coins on FaucetCrypto’s website. As mentioned above, increasing your rank/level will allow you to claim more coins as progress upwards. 

Shortlinks: Shortlinks are the most prominent claiming method available on FaucetCrypto’s website. With shortlinks you’ll usually have 1-7 views available for each of the links currently on the site. FaucetCrypto shows the health of the links, coins received for completing and the views you have remaining for the link. Upon clicking into the link you will have to wait 12 seconds before clicking “Continue” where you will be brought to the shortlink page. From the shortlink page you will need to click “Show timer / Click Here”, then after about 12 seconds you will be able to click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page again to proceed to the second half of the shortlink where you can follow the same aforementioned steps to officially complete the shortlink and claim your coins. Every day you will have the opportunity to complete up to 25 shortlinks. After reaching claims for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 shortlinks you will receive experience points to increase your levels in increments of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 for each of the levels of shortlinks you complete. These achievements reset daily and are the best way of increasing your level and bonus multiplier.

FaucetCrypto shortlinks page
FaucetCrypto Shortlinks

PTC Ads: Throughout the day the level of PTC Ads will vary on FaucetCrypto but on average there will usually be 5-10 to complete. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. Similar to shortlinks you will see the coins available when you complete the PTC ads and how long you will have to view the ad (16 or 40 seconds). Once you select the ad you want you’ll need to wait about 12 seconds for the “Continue” button to appear at the button of the page. Click the button to see a preview of the site for 16 or 40 seconds then another “Continue” button will appear at the top right section of the page. Click that button to continue and your FaucetCrypto coins will now be claimed. You’ll have the chance to complete 25 PTC ads a week and earn special bonuses for completing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 ads on the site. Below is an image of bonuses for hitting each of the PTC ad thresholds.

Withdrawing Your Crypto and Coin to Asset Exchanges

Once you’ve reached an amount of coins you’d like to exchange for a crypto currency you can navigate to the withdrawal screen of FaucetCrypto. Below is a table highlighting all 20 crypto currencies available to exchange FaucetCrypto coins for and their associated minimum withdrawal amounts. There may also be very small transaction fees when processing your withdrawal but at the time of writing, Bitcoin is the only coin that has no associated fees to withdraw. Click here to find the latest proof of payments from FaucetCrypto.

CoinMinimum Withdrawal Amount
Bitcoin 0.00000122 BTCs
Bitcoin Cash0.00005528 BCHs
Bitcoin SV0.00007186 BSVs
Bittorent32.63707572 BTTs
Dash0.00017980 DASHs
Digibyte0.61455261 DGBs
Dogecoin4.35241049 DOGEs
Ethereum0.00026496 ETHs
Ethereum Classic0.00205931 ETCs
Komodo0.01871703 KMDs
Litecoin0.00029260 LTCs
Piratecash2.56990131 PIRATEs
Pivx0.02875706 PIVXs
Reddcoin10.49538203 RDDs
Ravencoin0.61491539 RVNs
Syscoin0.27673234 SYSs
Tron0.72342149 TRXs
Verge2.11756733 XVGs
ZCash0.00021137 ZECs
Horizen0.00168237 ZENs
Minimum Withdrawal amounts for FaucetCrypto

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