Scam Faucets & Sites

Our goal with TapCrypto has always been to provide users with an easy resource to verify the faucet sites they use are legitimate and to find new sites without the risk of wasted time and effort. Integrity is our number one core value. With that in mind, we know that we can do better than just providing you great faucet sites, but also steer you clear of verified or highly likely scams.  So, this page is entirely dedicated towards sites you may want to avoid and reasons why their legitimacy is worth questioning. One of the main issues with Crypto Faucets is the fact that many pop up, go bust, and collapse with high regularity.  While a site going bankrupt and shutting down is an unfortunate reality, we all experience, the sites we are covering do not fall into that category and operate with more nefarious intentions. The majority are not harmful in the traditional sense, they are earning money on your views/activity with zero intention to pay, but always be careful regarding invitations to download software, deposit funds, requests for Seed/Recovery phrases, etc., these are significantly harmful. As always, be careful out there!

LTCClick.comScam – Personal ExperienceStill Active
ExpressCrypto.ioHighly Probable ScamExit Scammed
OurBitco.inScam – Personal ExperienceScam Faucet Group Article Still Active
Get-Bitco.inHighly Probable ScamScam Faucet Group ArticleStill Active
Bitcoinsp.inHighly Probable ScamScam Faucet Group ArticleStill Active
Piratecash.ioScam – Personal ExperiencePirateCashNew URL
Piratewins.ioScam – Personal ExperiencePirateWinsStill Active
EZDoubler.ioScam – Personal ExperienceEZDoublerStill Active
Lootbull.comHighly Probable ScamLootBullStill Active
Lootbits.ioHighly Probable ScamLootBitsStill Active
Blocksmash.ioHighly Probable ScamBlockSmashStill Active
Btcsmash.ioHighly Probable ScamBTCSmashStill Active
Popspins.comHighly Probable ScamPopSpinsStill Active
Helidrops.ioHighly Probable ScamHeliDropsStill Active
Running List of Scam Sites

Our plan is to continue adding to this list each time we come across potential scams, identify newly created related sites, and hopefully celebrate when they are shut down!

If you are familiar with other clear scam faucet sites that you want us to review, please comment below or tweet us @tapcrypto1. As always, please subscribe to get updates about faucet reviews, payment proofs, and new content about scams you hopefully aren’t caught up in!

2 thoughts on “Scam Faucets & Sites

    1. Thanks Omi, we will take a look. If I recall that is part of a full group of scammy sites/faucets. FaucetDash/Juicy-BTC and a few others.


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