Group of Scam Faucet Sites

Today we will keep it brief, we have both fallen for and noted extensively on our other posts the risks of using the following sites. The interesting part about these sites, is that their “gameplay” or site appearance and functionality is different between all three, so its not as easy as our last post to definitively say they are related. However, when you look past the surface level appearance, you see some striking similarities. If you haven’t read our original post regarding another group of scam faucets, we recommend it as we go very in depth on things to lookout for when choosing sites to invest time into.

Why do we believe these to be scams?

We ourselves have a pending payment from that has yet to be paid since September 24th, 2021. pending payment since 9-24-2021 Pending Withdrawal

Other Forums

Many other forums also talk about not receiving payments.

  • “I requested a withdrawal a week ago. But not received a single penny. Its definitely a scam!”
  • “My withdraw is still pending. Not looking good. Will update if received.”

Short answer, we don’t. Longer answer, you can make some pretty easy assumptions.

Withdrawal Limit

The minimum amount to withdraw from each of these sites is 20,000 Satoshi. Not totally unreasonable.

If you look at their Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section, you will see the following: withdrawal limit withdrawal limit withdrawal limit

Different appearances and layouts on each site, but the text is exactly the same.

Contact Info/Terms and Conditions

Verbatim text, clearly a copy/paste, and change the email address. There always remains the chance that they copied this from some other source, but reading/reviewing all the details makes the picture a little clearer.

OurBitcoin Contact page
Get-Bitcoin Contact page
Bitcospin Contact page

Whois/Domain Registrary

All three sites use the same Registrar (GoDaddy) and the same Name Servers.

Again, this is not an exact science because many of the actual details are redacted for privacy. So I usually do this last as a step to add more evidence or confirm my belief, instead of using this as definitive proof.

URLLinkName Server 1Name Server 2
Whois Lookup
WhoIs lookup for Whois
Whois lookup for Whois
Whois lookup for Whois

Other Sites

We highlighted 3 total sites here, but we have a feeling there could be more out there or the owners intend to spin up more just like it in the future.  We would love to find out if any of our readers/users know of other sites like this.  Please leave a comment or tweet us @tapcrypto1. We hope to continue add or identify more sites to this list/review should we identify more possible related scams.

Our goal from day one at TapCrypto has always been to provide our users with legitimate sites they can use to earn cryptocurrency online with no monetary investment.  We do that by providing write ups/reviews created by us and us only, we do not copy from other forums or sites.  We use our own personal experience on sites to communicate tips and tricks to you.  We provide payment proofs and update them regularly as possible. We are quick to provide updates via twitter @tapcrypto1, and are willing to admit when we are wrong.  Our goal is expanding, not only to provide you legitimate faucet sites, but now to also inform you as a user of sites to steer clear of.  After all, everyone wants to earn cryptocurrency and avoid scams!

TapCrypto Faucet Rating:,,

Rating: 0 out of 5.,, and are SCAMS!!! 0 Stars! For more info visit and learn about legit faucets and sites to avoid.

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