OurBitcoin Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Overview

OurBitco.in is a brand-new faucet that was created this year in 2021.   While it is a new faucet, it appears to be an up and coming promising new site.  As a user, the site couldn’t be more straight forward, and we believe that to be a positive for the user experience.  The unique feature about OurBitco.in is that it allows the user to claim as frequently or infrequently as they would like.  OurBitco.in is essentially Four Faucets in One!

Getting Started with OurBitco.in

Click here to sign up and register an account, that is it!  You will need to verify your email address, but as soon as you complete that you are eligible to start claiming you free Bitcoin!

Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Now that you are registered as a user, you will be able to claim from the Dashboard.  The unique feature, and why its truly four faucets in one, is you have the options to claim every 5,15,30, or 60 minutes… or like most of us Faucet enthusiasts, all of them!

You will see all the eligible claims on the dashboard and a very clear timer counting down to your next available. You will also see how much you have historically made via each.

OurBitcoin Crypto Faucet Claim Page - 5, 15, 30, and 60 minute faucet claims
OurBitcoin Crypto Faucet Claim Page

Clicking on the timer will show a “Claim” button and will take you to another page.

OurBitcoin 5 minute faucet claim
OurBitcoin 5 minute faucet claim
OurBitcoin faucet claim captcha and BTC payout per roll
OurBitcoin faucet claim captcha and BTC payout per roll

Each of the four faucets (5/15/30/60 minute timers) have the same basic functionality.  Complete a captcha and roll for a value.  Depending on what you roll, will result in different payouts according to the chart on each.  Important to note, each faucet (5/15/30/60 minute timers) have slightly different payout rates. Example, the base claim (lowest win) for a 5 minute timer is 3 Satoshi, while the lowest winning value on the 60 minute timer is 6 Satoshi. You can navigate the site by using the menu button in the upper right hand corner to visit all areas of the site.

How to Withdraw on OurBitcoin?

OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Payment Proof 9-2-2021
OurBitco.in Crypto Faucet Payment Proof 9-2-2021

Currently on OurBitco.in you can only claim Bitcoin (BTC) and the withdraw limit is 20,000 Satoshi, paying directly to your wallet. While there is no contact information for OurBitcoin, their Terms and Conditions states it could take up to one week to process a withdrawal after it’s submitted. All transaction fees are covered by them when processing that withdrawal request. Check out the OurBitco.in payment proof page for the latest withdrawals.

OurBitcoin Withdrawal Page - 20,000 Satoshis
OurBitcoin Withdrawal Page – 20,000 Satoshis

OurBitco.in is a promising new faucet that has a very clean presentation and is super easy to use. It is yet to be seen if they will add any other cryptocurrencies or other features, but in it current state we would recommend giving it a try.  We will post an update and payment proof when the time comes, that is our commitment to you, as our goal is only to promote legitimate paying cryptocurrency faucets and being transparent and upfront when sites have issues.  Please subscribe or follow us on Twitter @tapcrypto1 for updates on OurBitco.in and all sites we cover!

11 thoughts on “OurBitcoin Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

  1. Hi, is there a proof of payment already somewhere? I withdrew my first 20000 Satoshi yesterday and it’s still pending after 24 hours.


    1. We are working on a withdraw within the next day or so, will create a proof when able. Depending on the outcome we will move the faucet out of the “In Testing” area to “Direct Faucets”. For faucets that pay direct to wallet vs a microwallet like Faucetpay, it’s not uncommon to have longer delays on payments. We will update as soon as possible.


      1. Thanks, i will be keeping an eye out and of course I will let it know how long my withdrawal will take.


      2. No problem! Also just saw on their Terms & Conditions that it can take up to a week to process a withdrawal once it’s submitted. But definitely let us know if yours go through and if we get our withdrawal before yours we’ll add a proof of payment when it’s processed.


  2. Just gotten the email that my first withdrawal is being sent. Only 2 more confirmations to go, so it seems to be legit. But as you stated: it can take up to a week, so might be they distribute withdrawals on Monday.


    1. Hey, did you ever end up getting your withdrawal? We’re over a week now but we think your thought process is right with it taking a full 7 days on a Monday to process so in theory it could take up to 13 days


      1. Yeah my withdrawal was in my wallet within the hour after confirmation. I am about to make my 2nd today or tomorrow, so let’s see if it’s gonna be there Monday.


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