Crypto Faucets In Testing

List of Crypto Faucets We’re Testing

Below is a list of crypto faucets in testing by the TapCrypto tam. At TapCrypto we want to make sure that all of the faucets on our site have been verified by our team first. This means we do the hard work to ensure you’re claiming from the best faucet sites available. Once the faucet has been tested and verified by our team, we will move them to the full faucet list on our homepage. If you want to jump right into using these new sites click the claim buttons below!

Surf-TRXTron LogoPTC
CriptolyMulti Coin30 minsClaim Faucet
Get-Bitcoin5 minsClaim Faucet
Free-Bitcoin60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-Ethereum60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-Litecoin60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-DogecoinDogecoin Logo60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-Dash60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-TronTron Logo60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-MaticPolygon MATIC Logo60 minsClaim Faucet
Free-BinanceCoinBinance Coin Logo60 minsClaim Faucet
FreeZeroCoin1 minClaim Faucet
ZeroFaucet1 minClaim Faucet
Faucets in Testing
Earn Free Bitcoin

The sites listed above are only in testing and we are not certain of their payment status. For legit crypto faucets, visit the TapCrypto home page and follow us on twitter @tapcrypto1!

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