CoinKrab Faucet Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

CoinKrab Crypto Faucet Review

Are you thinking of signing up for, but unsure whether it’s a legit paying crypto faucet or a scam? In this review, we’ll share our experience with the site and give you tips and tricks to get started and maximize your earnings. We’ll also break down the basics of how CoinKrab works, where the best earning opportunities are on the site, how much you can expect to earn, and more.

What is CoinKrab?

CoinKrab is a new faucet for 2022 and the experience their faucet offers closely resembles several of the other faucet sites that have been created in the last 6 months such as Cripto.Win, CoinPayz, Faucetoshi, and HilanoFaucet. Given how quick the claims are on CoinKrab with recaptcha challenges, this fits right into our 15 minute or less tab grouping for faucet claims.

CoinKrab Faucet Dashboard
CoinKrab Faucet Dashboard

Getting Started on CoinKrab

Signup here: CoinKrab Registration

CoinKrab has no formal Terms of Service so we assume the faucet is open to all users globally. Now that you’re signed up for site, you’ll be brought to the dashboard page. Here you’ll get a break down of the coins you have in your account, total faucet claims you’ve made since registering, withdrawals made, and your current advertising balance. As you scroll further down you’ll see your contest stats which are only available for referrals generated and shortlinks completed at this time. Continuing down the dashboard page you’ll see the available ways to earn free crypto on the faucet which we’ll dive deeper into further down in this post. The last few sections are the Level System which increases your payouts for completed faucet claims, shortlinks and PTC ads. Lastly you’ll see sections for transferring coins into you advertising balance, coupon redemption and then your withdrawal history.

How to Earn on CoinKrab Faucet

Similar to other faucet sites, there are plenty of ways to earn free crypto on CoinKrab’s faucet. All claims made are denominated in “Coins” then when you withdraw it will go through a conversion rate to either Litecoin or Tron depending on your preference.

Regular Faucet Claim

Akin to most faucet sites, the regular faucet on CoinKrab has a 5 minute claim timer and a max 100 claims per day. Here you’ll have to complete a simple recaptcha challenge, then you’ll earn 60 coins plus an additional X amount of coins based on your current level and 7 experience points which will help to increase your level. There’s also a lottery style roll every time you complete a regular faucet claim. If you hit the Jackpot number “9999” then you’ll win 5,000,000 coins.

CoinKrab Regular Faucet Claim
CoinKrab Regular Faucet Claim

Mad Faucet Claim

The Mad Faucet claim on CoinKrab is more like a fast faucet claim as you’d see on other sites. On the mad faucet, you have a max 250 claims a day allowed, earn an 8 coin base plus an additional X amount based on your level and 1 experience point to go towards your level. As you can see, this faucet claiming method isn’t as valuable as the regular claim, but if you have time it’s worth it to boost your payout and level up.

Similar to other faucet sites, shortlinks are one of the most valuable ways to earn free crypto. If you’ve never used a shortlink before, it’s essentially a redirect to another site with a bunch of ads that generates revenue for the shortlink provider’s site then redirects you back to the faucet. After the shortlink provider receives their ad revenue, they give a cut to the faucet then in turn the faucet pays that to you. Currently on CoinKrab there are 16 shortlinks available to claim. Each claim will earn you 105 coins plus the level multiplier and 16 experience points. These payouts are much higher than the regular and mad faucet claims, but they also require a little bit more effort. The biggest downside to the shortlink page is that their names are generic like “Shortlink #1”. This doesn’t help when you have a preference for specific shortlinks, but once you’ve done them once you’ll know which shortlink numbers goes to which shortlink service.

CoinKrab Faucet Available Shortlinks
CoinKrab Faucet Available Shortlinks

PTC Ads (Pay-To-Click)

The PTC Ads available on CoinKrab will vary throughout the day, but we’ve typically seen 3 available each day. The PTC Ads on CoinKrab require a 10 second watch timer. After completing the viewing, you’ll earn 40 coins plus your level multiplier along with 1 experience point. These are quick and easy so we’d definitely recommend completing them in full each day.


Completing Offerwalls is the most lucrative claiming method when it comes to faucets, but it’s usually the most time consuming and generally requires you to provide personal information. At the time of writing, the only available offer and tasks provider is BitsWall. They have offers, surveys, visiting websites, shortlinks, and watching videos as means to earn on their platform. We’ve seen payouts as low as 450 coins for completion to over 2 million coins for completion. We’d definitely recommend seeing what offers are available so you can decide if the bigger payouts are worth your efforts.


Unfortunately, the achievements for CoinKrab are lackluster compared to other faucet sites. Here your only achievement available to claim at this time is completing 30 shortlinks. We haven’t done this yet, so we’re not sure if this is a daily or weekly goal but as mentioned above there are only 16 shortlinks available. If manage to complete the 30 shortlinks in the unclear timeframe you’ll earn an additional 450 coins.


The games available are basically gambling, but since you can’t play games with deposited funds it’s considered legal. Any time it comes to gambling, we’ve never seen a truly fair game though almost all faucets will claim provably fair so we’d suggest using this areas of the site under your own discretion.


The Dice game on CoinKrab allows you to wager all or a portion of the balance you earned from the faucet then guess if you will roll higher or lower than a certain number.

CoinKrab Lottery
CoinKrab Lottery


CoinKrab offers a weekly lottery that you can purchase tickets for 250 Coins each. For each lottery ticket you purchase, you’ll be given a winning number that we’ll be announced at the end of each week. The prize pools are definitely large, but building our holdings is more important than gambling through the lottery here at TapCrypto.

Customer Service & Support

CoinKrab does offera support page, but fortunately we’ve never had to use so we’re unaware of typical response times. It appears the chat functionality on the site is much more active and allows you to seek help from other users of the site and not just the admin. We’ve also listed their Twitter account down below, but there’s currently no activity on there.

Twitter: @CoinKrab

Withdrawing Crypto from CoinKrab

Now that you have earned enough coins that you wish to withdraw, you want to send those funds to FaucetPay. The first step is to navigate to the “Withdrawal Page” from the menu options.

Clicking Withdraw will bring you to a page that allows you to choose FaucetPay or Direct Wallet. Note, FaucetPay allows to withdraw Litecoin and Tron. Direct Wallet withdrawals only allow you to choose Litecoin.

CoinKrab Withdrawal and Coins Available to Withdraw
CoinKrab Withdrawal and Coins Available to Withdraw

Keep in mind the values of your withdrawals will change based on the value of the currency at time of withdraw. To see up to date withdrawal payment proofs for the CoinKrab faucet click here. Please note, we try to provide updated payment proofs regularly, so be sure to subscribe to TapCrypto, follow us on twitter @tapcrypto1 and visit our PaymentProof section to see more recent proofs.

Overall, CoinKrab is a promising new faucet site and we’re excited to see it’s growth. The payouts have always been on time and there is a growing community in the chat. The admin team appears to be very active in developing or tweaking features, so we apologize if there are minor differences between the faucet site and the description/direction outlined in our post. Visit TapCrypto for many other great paying faucets and paid to click (PTC) sites, posts about how they work, and payment proofs updated just about monthly to ensure you are using legit faucets and not wasting your time claiming on scam sites that will never pay out!

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