Cripto.Win Review – Legit Paying Crypto Faucet Overview

The TapCrypto team can longer recommend the CriptoWin faucet. On 6/10/2022, we deposited $2 to create a PTC campaign which is still in pending status 6 days later. We contacted their support email to inquire about the issue on 6/13/2022 which received an undeliverable notification. They also increased the withdrawal threshold to $5 up from $0.10. Yes, that’s a 4900% increase and absurd considering our lifetime earnings on the site is $3.56. With that said, please visit our homepage to find better faucets.

CriptoWin Undeliverable Support Email

CriptoWin is a new faucet in 2021 and one of the better new ones we’ve come across that pays directly to FaucetPay. The FaucetPay microwallet, multiple cryptos available and low minimum withdrawal thresholds allow you to earn free crypto quickly even with just normal faucet claims. All claims done on are denominated in USD so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating crypto prices to hit the withdrawal limits. is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so you can claim on all your devices. 

Getting Started

Click here to sign up for Once your account is registered you will be able to start making claims, completing offerwalls and some PTCs. At the top of the dashboard screen you can see your current balance, any funds you’ve deposited into CriptoWin for advertising, your energy (we’ll explain this in more detail down below). Further down on the dashboard page it will show your account details including your total earned amount, level counter and the place where you can make your withdrawals to FaucetPay.

CriptoWin Dashboard
CriptoWin Dashboard

Ways to Earn on CriptoWin

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start earning free crypto on CriptoWin through each of the various claiming methods available. To start, the main faucet claiming section will payout a USD amount every 2 minutes for a maximum of 150 claims in one day. The claims you make are denominated in USD and the exchange rates can be found on the withdrawal page.

CriptoWin Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin
CriptoWin Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Normal Faucet Claiming

2 minutes – CriptoWin allows you to make claims throughout the day for USD and an experience bump. Just go to the Faucet page, complete a Captcha challenge, and then click “Reward”. Making the 20 claims from the faucet in one day will allow you to claim an achievement on the Achievement’s page and we’ll go into more detail on those earnings later.

CriptoWin Normal Faucet
CriptoWin Normal Faucet

Auto Faucet Claiming

30 seconds – Auto faucet claiming allows you to automatically make a claim without filling out a captcha challenge and pressing the “Reward” button every 30 seconds for a smaller USD amount than the normal faucet. The Auto Faucet is based on the energy amount you have on your account. Each Auto Faucet claim takes 5 energy to complete and we normally make it to 100 energy before turning on the Auto Faucet. 


The Offerwalls on CriptoWin are one of the easiest ways to rack up free money fast. There are currently 6 vendors available for Offerwalls on CriptoWin. Similar to other faucet sites, offerwalls generally payout a few days after completion and verification. 


PTC Ads will vary throughout the day on how many there will be available. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. PTC ads currently offer a USD earning bonus and typically last 5 or 20 seconds.

Shortlinks are one of the best of earning claim points and energy fast on CriptoWin. At the time of writing this post, there are 33 available shortlinks with higher paying claims than the normal faucet and you can earn 10 energy points for each shortlink completed. These are the typical shortlinks you would see on other faucet sites where you’re redirected to another site, fill out a captcha or two and wait for the time to finish before being redirected back to the CriptoWin faucet site. Similar to faucet claims, shortlinks have an Achievement reward after completing 20 links. 


As with all lotteries, you buy a set amount of lottery tickets with your funds and enter a drawing to win the prize pools. If you buy 40 lottery tickets can claim an achievement reward.


The Achievements section as mentioned throughout this post offers a great way to earn bonus funds for doing claims you normally do. There are achievement bonuses for normal faucet claims, completing shortlinks, and buying lottery tickets.

CriptoWin Achievements
CriptoWin Achievements

How to Withdraw from CriptoWin

If you’re doing 20 of the normal faucet claims day you should be able to hit the minimum withdrawal threshold of $0.10 USD every week or even less than a week as your experience level grows over time. If you include achievement bonus and other claiming methods you may even be able to withdraw multiple times a week if you choose too. With CriptoWin you’ll have the option to withdraw to Bitcoin, Feyorra, or Tether to FaucetPay. When withdrawing from CriptoWin make sure your microwallet and crypto is highlighted so you know you’re withdrawing to correct coin and address as shown below. Click here to see proof of payments from CriptoWin and start claiming today!

CriptoWin Withdrawal Page
CriptoWin Withdrawal Page

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