Complete RollerCoin Review

RollerCoin Faucet Review

RollerCoin is quite different from many cryptocurrency faucets. Typical faucets reward users with cryptocurrencies in exchange for completion of tasks, and subsequently viewing advertisements on the website. RollerCoin instead is a hybrid between a mining simulation game and a faucet. Build up your mining power by playing games and purchasing mining machines and be rewarded with your choice of BTC, ETH, or DOGE. Rollercoin’s site is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so you can mine on any device.

Getting Started and How to Earn on RollerCoin

Signup for RollerCoin!

The goal is to build up your own simulated mining farm and collect BTC, ETH, or DOGE (or all 3!). In order to mine cryptocurrency you need mining power (hashes), in RollerCoin you have two options, you can either deposit currency and purchase mining equipment directly or you can play games to earn hashing power. The miners that you purchase never degrade, but the mining power gained via gameplay eventually disappears. Your game earned mining power will last up to 7 days by completing certain achievements that award you with a computer upgrade.

  • Signing up – Power will last 24 hours
  • Winning 10 games – Power will last 3 days
  • Winning 30 games – Power will last 5 days
  • Winning 60 games – Power will last 7 days
Games to play on RollerCoin. CoinClick, TokenBlaster, Flappy Rocket and Cryptonoid

You can use your mining proceeds to either withdraw cryptocurrencies or reinvest in more mining machines.

The games you play on the site are actually not bad! There are currently 9 different games to play, they range from standard matching games to align three. They all play to completion in under 60 seconds so you can easily build up hash rates by playing lots of games. 

Mining base in RollerCoin

Here is the best thing, all the work you put in playing games, will pay off even when you are not on the site as your mining farm is always operating!

RollerCoin mining and network power

Your reward depends on your total mining power (hashes), the total network power, and the block

Withdrawing Crypto From RollerCoin

The minimum withdrawal threshold for each coin is listed below:

CoinMinimum Withdrawl
Bitcoin10,000 satoshi
Dogecoin360 Doge
Ethereum0.004 ETH

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