Complete TheCryptoFaucet Review

TheCryptoFaucet is no longer active. Visit TapCrypto for currently paying faucets

TheCryptoFaucet is currently only paying out Dogecoin. Please follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our payment proof page for more details.

TheCryptoFaucet Overview

We at TapCrypto promise to always be forthcoming when it comes to the validity and legitimacy of the faucets we cover and list on our site. With this in mind, there have been some user complaints on the official TheCryptoFaucet Discord channel regarding pending or incomplete payments. These complaints have largely been associated with Tron and Litecoin for withdraw requests. Other popular claim/withdraw options such as Digibyte and Dogecoin have largely been unimpacted, and we at Tap Crypto will continue to provide regular updates and Payment Proofs so users will feel confident in the sites’ continued legitimacy.

With this disclaimer out in the open, we wish to provide more information about TheCryptoFaucet and why we believe it is worth your time to use.

TheCryptoFaucet is a high paying, once per day site that provides users with their choice of cryptocurrencies.

Getting Started on TheCryptoFaucet

Get started by signing up for TheCryptoFaucet!

Collecting Free Crypto

One of the best parts about TheCryptoFaucet is that it requires very minimal time investment from its users. 

TheCryptoFaucet way to earn

Claims: Claim from the faucet once per day. These individual claims are actually quite valuable in comparison to many faucet sites, often paying (for Digibyte) between 0.46 and 0.91 per claim/day.

Other Earning Options: Available are high paying surveys, video ads to watch and other offers.

TheCyrptoFaucet offerwall and survey options

Withdrawing Crypto from TheCryptoFaucet

Due to trouble withdrawing other currencies, we have decided only to cover Dogecoin and Digibyte.

Dogecoin: 10 Doge (No fees if withdrawing 200 or more Dogecoins)

Digibyte: 1.20 DGB (No fees if over 40 DGBs)

Despite the reported issues with some currencies, due to the minimal time investment, the high payout, and the continued proof of payments that we will provide updates to, we still think TheCryptoFaucet is a worthwhile faucet to use. Happy Claiming!

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