Complete Althub Review

Althub Faucet Review

Althub is a faucet that lets you earn their own specific Althub coins and lets you exchange out your coins for any of the 18 cryptocurrencies Althub currently offers. Like most faucet sites that let you collect free crypto currencies, Althub also relies on advertising revenue that you generate for them when visiting their website. In turn, Althub pays you back in their own Althub coins. You can eventually convert these Althub coins into a crypto coin of your choice to withdraw into your own personal wallet or to FaucetPay.

Getting Started on Althub

Sign up for Althub. Once your account is registered you will see your username and current level. As you continue to make claims, complete PTC ads, and shortlinks you will see your levels and your claim amount increase over time.

AltHub coin amount and experience level

How to Earn Crypto on Althub

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free Althub from each of the various methods of making claims on their website. To start, you will typically see claims at about 5 coins and as your level increases over time you will see your coin claims rise as well. At the time of writing this article 5,000 Althub coins is equal to $0.50. 

Achievements: Within Althub you will have the ability to increase your rank and earn coins by gaining experience points and leveling up.

Coin Claiming: 30 minutes or 48 times a day – Althub allows you to make claims throughout the day for their own coin which you can swap for a crypto currency of your choosing. To accomplish this, you select the “Faucet” option on the left sidebar menu, complete a captcha then proceed to click the “Claim” button. This is the easiest and most passive method of claiming coins on Althub’s website. As mentioned above, increasing your rank/level will allow you to claim more coins as progress upwards. 

Shortlinks: Shortlinks are the most prominent claiming method available on Althub’s website. With shortlinks you’ll usually have 20 or so links available on the site. These links reset daily and are a good way of increasing your level and claim amounts.

AltHub shortlink options and payouts for completing

PTC Ads: Throughout the day the level of PTC Ads will vary on Althub. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. Similar to shortlinks you will see the coins available when you complete the PTC ads and how long you will have to view the ad (usually 15 seconds). Stay on the site for the designated time and receive a reward.

Withdrawing from Althub

The minimum withdrawal amount on Althub is dependent on which coin you wish to withdraw. Note that some coins are available for direct withdrawal and others via FaucetPay. Below is a table highlighting all 18 crypto currencies available to exchange Althub coins for and their associated minimum withdrawal amounts, at time of writing. Click here to find the latest proof of payments from Althub.

CoinMinimum Withdrawal
Litecoin0.00030000 LTC
Stellar Lumen1.00000000 XLM
Digibyte2.00000000 DGB
Ethereum Classic0.00300000 ETC
Cardano1.00000000 ADA
Tron1.10000000 TRX
Bittorent53.00000000 BTT
Dogecoin10.00000000 DOGE
Verge3.00000000 XVG
Pivx0.05000000 PIVX
Electroneum10.00000000 ETN
Syscoin0.40000000 SYS
Reddcoin15.00000000 RDD
Ravencoin0.50000000 RVN
Ethereum0.00005000 ETH
Zcash0.00025000 ZEC
Dash0.00015000 DASH
Bitcoin0.00000150 BTC

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