Faucet Tips to Live By

Tips and tricks for crypto faucet users.

Advice that will save you time and earn you money online with Cryptocurrency Faucets.

Here at TapCrypto we don’t just provide write ups and reviews of most major faucets, we use them as well! There are no paid reviews, they are all done by us. Being avid faucet users ourselves for years, we thought we should share some useful things we have learned. Hoping faucet users could avoid some of the pains we have experienced. Without further adieu, below are tips every faucet user should live by.

The TapCrypto Faucet Commandments, follow to earn cryptocurrency online.
The Crypto Faucet Commandments

Research the site

  1. Do yourself a favor and look into the site before signing up. This will save you time wasted on potential scams.
  2. Search “TapCrypto ‘Faucet Name'” in your preferred search engine and you should come to a review if we have covered it. Or since you are here, stay awhile and click around!
  3. Search “‘Faucet Name’ Scam” and you may find reviews if TapCrypto doesn’t have one.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the tell tale signs like unreasonably high payouts and withdraw limits.
  5. Reviews can be misleading, we’ve written about scams before, so you can search for other testimonials on forums such as BeerMoneyForum

Account management

  1. Create an email account specifically for Faucet site usage, this helps just in case any sites act maliciously in any way (many scammers in the crypto space). Then all they have is a disconnected email address that is separate from your truly personal communications.
  2. Never provide your name, phone number, or personally identifiable information.
  3. Use different passwords on all sites.

Consistency is key

  1. Lot of people try a site for a day or so then try to find a “new” site, believing it will pay better, that’s just not the case usually.
  2. Find a few that you like/prefer and stick to those, too many and it starts to feel like a chore.
  3. Most sites have loyalty bonuses for consecutive days claimed, these really increase your earnings compared to a brand new user. If you claim a few days and go searching for a new site, you will just keep resetting that clock.
  4. Make it a routine, if you have a group of hourly claims, do those together each hour, and a separate batch for half hour timers, etc.
  5. Group your browser tabs together based on claim timers. If you don’t wish to have a million open tabs, we built a very nifty web app that you can flag favorites and keep yourself organized. No download necessary, check out the TapCrypto Mobile Faucet App and read about it in detail here.

Don’t gamble

  1. As we discuss in a previous article that covered how a faucet business operates, games and wagering is only available because the house always wins!
  2. Betting is a way operators keep user funds on site vs in users wallets!

Microwallets are still not your actual wallet!

  1. FaucetPay from all appearances has acted trustworthy during previous events like a hack, and operated in good faith for a few years now.
  2. Microwallets serve a much needed purpose, but are still a third party that you have to trust. They control your coins, take a fee when you trade and withdraw, and are a business that can go bust or scam at any time.
  3. Highly used microwallet ExpressCrypto.io recently closed down, whether that was a scam or an actual IT issue that took down their business records and data can never really be proven, but user funds are gone regardless. So never hold too large of a balance and withdraw whenever you can. Others like Coinpot and even FaucetHub before that, also shut down long ago.

Withdraw limit is more important than coins available

  1. While it is always easier if you can claim and withdraw the coins you wish to hold on to for long term, do not let the fact the faucet doesn’t support your crypto discourage you from using the site if it pays reliably. You may be excluding some of the highest paid sites.
  2. Some of the highest paying sites support only a few cryptocurrencies.
  3. You can build up a balance of coins and exchange them for your coin(s) of preference.
  4. Microwallets such as FaucetPay offer onsite swapping and trading of quite a few major coins, and occasionally add new supported coins over time.


  1. Sites try to offer users incentives to not withdraw their crypto. These come in various forms such as “Interest” on balances over a certain amount or bonus’ on site activities allowing you to earn more.
  2. Sites go bust all the time unfortunately. If a site shuts down, your money disappears with it. $10 of your money that you can’t use because it is on a website, is not your money. Not Your Keys Not Your Coins, but we are also not against people who rely on Centralized exchanges such as Coinbase if they are not knowledgeable enough to manage their own wallet. That could easily be more risky than trusting a well funded business with the responsibility for many people.
  3. If the site ended up being a scam that wont let you withdraw your crypto, then you will waste no more time using the site.

We at TapCrypto appreciate you tuning in and making it this far down the page. You can find all of cryptocurrency faucets we use, Site Reviews, and Payment Proofs, by subscribing to our site. Follow us @tapcrypto1. Thank you!

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