Lolli Review: The Best Bitcoin Cashback Website

Lolli Bitcoin Cashback Overview

You’ve heard of the big name cashback shopping sites like Rakuten (formerly Ebates) and Honey which have saved and earned users millions of fiat dollars over their existence. Both Ebates and Honey have been acquired by much larger companies (Rakuten for Ebates and PayPal for Honey). As eCommerce and online shopping continues to grow across the world, maximizing online spending will become a top priority for consumers. Along with the growth of online shopping and making the most of consumer’s online spending, the crypto universe continues to grow exponentially each year reaching more and more of the population throughout the world. But neither, Rakuten nor Honey have merged the online shopping world with the crypto world and that’s where Lolli comes in. 

Lolli, like Rakuten and Honey, partners with online stores and acts as a referrer to the website. When a customer makes a purchase on an online store, the store gives Lolli a cut of the purchase price and in turn Lolli gives you a cut of their cut. With over 1,000 of the most popular online retailers partnered with Lolli, there will be no shortage of cashback opportunities for you to find!

Getting Started on Lolli

Click here to get signed up for Lolli. Unfortunately, Lolli is only available for US customers at this time, but Rakuten is available in a few other countries if you’re interested in earning fiat cashback. Once you’re signed up you’ll need to download the web browser extensions for one of the 4 supported web browsers: Brave, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. 

Earning Bitcoin Cashback with Lolli

Now that you have the extension downloaded and your account is registered it’s time to start earning some free Bitcoin cashback on your purchases. As mentioned earlier, Lolli has partnered with over one thousand of the top online retailers for you to earn free Bitcoin cashback on your daily purchases.

Lolli Shop By Store or Category
Lolli Shop By Store or Category

On their website, if you navigate to the “Shop” page, you’ll see a full listing of the websites they currently have offering cashback listed from the top cashback percentage to the least. Everyday the cashback percentage earned can and most likely will change especially on and around major shopping holidays. You can search stores by name within the list or filter down to specific shopping categories like travel, health & beauty, sporting goods and bunch more so you can cross-shop cash back percentages across sites in those categories. If you don’t want to go to Lolli before starting your shopping spree, then any time you land on a website that has Lolli Bitcoin cashback available, a notification icon will pop-up to let you know your cashback opportunity if you make a purchase.

Lolli Bitcoin Cashback Activated Offer
Lolli Bitcoin Cashback Activated Offer

When you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll have to make sure you activated the Lolli cashback offer. If you haven’t then make sure to click the web extension, hit activate, the page will then reload to activate the Bitcoin cashback offer. Once activated you make your purchase!

After making your Lolli purchase, your activity section will update with date, store, and Bitcoin earned from the purchase details. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to withdraw that cashback just yet. Most online retailers will take 30-90 days to confirm your purchase before sending the funds to Lolli, who will then credit your account. In our experience, transactions tend to take the full 90 days to credit your account, but this is right in line with other cashback vendors.

Lolli Spending Activity
Lolli Spending Activity

How does Lolli compare to Rakuten and Honey?

Want to stack sats with Lolli but aren’t sure if it’s better than Rakuten and Honey? Well at the time of writing this article on 10-21-2020, the below chart shows how Lolli compares to the two biggest names in cashback. As you’ll see beats out Rakuten in 8/10 stores and Honey in 10/10 stores. While these cashback percentages change each day, Lolli stacks up strongly against the two big names in this space. If you want to maximize your cashback and coupons, then I’d recommended adding the web extensions for Lolli, Rakuten and Honey.

Ulta Beauty3.5%6%1-4%
Ace Hardware3.5%2%NA
Advance Auto Parts1.5%1%NA
Hobby Lobby3.5%2%NA
Best Buy0.5%NANA
Lolli versus Rakuten and Honey – Rates pulled on 10-21-2020

Withdrawing Bitcoin on Lolli

Lolli Wallet and Available Bitcoin Page
Lolli Funds Page

As you shop with Lolli, and cashback transactions have been confirmed by the online retailers, your “Account” will show your total funds and your available funds. Total Funds is all of the Bitcoin that’s currently in your wallet although the cashback may not have been confirmed yet, and the Available Funds is the Bitcoin from confirmed cashback purchases that you can withdraw now. Once your Available Funds total reaches $15 worth of Bitcoin you’ll be able to make your withdrawal. Hitting $15 happens much faster than you’d think especially if you make most of your purchases online. If you choose a Bitcoin withdrawal, you’ll be able to send it to any valid Bitcoin address without any fees whether that’s to a personal wallet or a wallet with an exchange like Coinbase or Binance. Otherwise, if you choose to withdraw to USD you’ll need to send it directly to a bank account and you’ll incur a $0.25 percent fee for your withdrawal. No matter which method you choose, you’ll have come out ahead when using Lolli Bitcoin cashback.

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