HilAno Faucet Complete Review

HilanoFaucet.com Crypto Faucet Review

HilanoFaucet is a faucet that started in early 2021, but experienced a significant update/upgrade mid-year, thus it feels like a newer faucet that many people seem unaware of.  Its most comparable faucet is probably FaucetCrypto (full write up here).  Its appears to have almost the same template/layout and many similar features that we will discuss below.  Just like other faucet sites, there are many ways to earn.  Completing tasks earns you HilanoFaucet Coins, which are just an internal currency pegged to USD.  The current conversion rate is $1 USD = 100,000 HilanoFaucet Coins.  Minimum withdraw is only 300 coins which is a very reasonable and low withdraw limit.  It pays directly to FaucetPay only, which is why you can withdraw such a low amount. Learn more about FaucetPay we have a very brief overview of the microwallet service in our Paid to Click post.  Currently, there are 5 different currencies that you can choose to withdraw. Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Solana (SOL).  The last two coins were added the morning of this post, so the team is actively expanding their offerings and updating the site, which is great to see. The site is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly so you can use any device to collect crypto!

Getting Started

Signup here to register and get started today! Once you sign up, you will need to verify your email address so be sure to check Spam folder if you do not see anything.  Its not required, but we would recommend using the same email address used for FaucetPay as you will need it to be able to withdraw your coins.

As a preferred mobile user myself, many of the screenshots are reflective of utilizing my phone to claim.  The layout on a laptop or desktop is going to be slightly different but overall, the experience is very similar.  Additionally, there is a light and dark mode you can toggle depending on your preference.

Home page/screen – When logged in you will see something like the screenshot below.  

  • Balance – Current HilanoFaucet Coin balance.
  • Energy – You can earn energy by completing various tasks such as Paid to Click (PTC), shortlinks, offerwalls or hitting certain daily achievements and milestones. Additionally, there are one-time quick tasks you can complete such as posting a payment proof to BeerMoneyForum. We will go more in depth about earnings later. Currently energy can be used to play the Lucky Spin game. Each spin costs 25 energy and rewards you in a Wheel Of Fortune type spin game.
HilAno Faucet Coin and Energy Balance

Navigate to the various pages by utilizing the menu button in the upper left-hand corner.

HilAno Faucet Level, Experience, and Navigation menu

Earning Coins

  • Faucet – Claiming from the main faucet is the easiest way to earn on HilanoFaucet.  It has a 2-minute timer, so you can claim almost as frequently as you want.  You can claim up to 400 times a day without requiring Energy (previously mentioned above).  The base claim amount is 20 HilanoFaucet Coins, but your level adds a little extra each claim. So, leveling up really helps increase your earnings.  In my experience, each claim nets you 10 Experience Points, but as you get higher in level, you start to gain only 5 EXP each claim. Claiming is very simple, click on the Anti-Bot links in order, then click the Collect your reward button.  The site uses Recaptcha V3, but you can switch to Hcaptcha if you prefer.
  • Mad Faucet – Rapid claim every 30 seconds. Up to 350 times a day. Each claim is currently 12 Coins. Your level bonus applies to these claims as well.
  • Lucky Spin – This is a Wheel of Fortune type spin game. Each spin costs 25 energy points and rewards the user with coins based on the outcome.
  • Dice Game – Pretty standard Hi-Lo style game you can wager your coins on.
HilAno Faucet claim page with status, timer and claim amount
HilAno faucet captcha challenge for faucet claims
HilAno faucet successful faucet claim
  • Shortlinks – There are a good amount of shortlinks that you can use daily if you wish.  Each one works slightly different, so I can’t really go into much detail.  Often, they are loaded with advertisements, so they can be tough to work through.  However, the earnings are decent plus you can gather a lot of energy to claim more times from the Faucet or use the Auto Faucet feature.
HilAno Faucet shortlink claims
  • View Ads – This is the Paid to Click (PTC) section.  For more Paid to Click sites or write ups on how they work, view our post.  There is usually 5 or so PTCs to view each 24 hour period currently, but given that anyone can create campaigns to advertise, if the site continues to grow in popularity you can envision there being many more ads to earn, similar to FaucetCrypto currently.  View them for around 10 seconds, time can vary based on payout rate, complete a captcha and you are done!
  • Quick Tasks – These are one time earning opportunities. They vary from posting on BeerMoneyForum, a review on FoxyRating, etc.
  • Offerwalls – Like most faucet sites, this provides the most earning opportunities, though they do take a little more effort.  Earn by doing surveys, watching videos, etc.
HilAno Faucet available offer walls
  • Daily Achievements – These reset each day, you earn both coins and energy.  The easiest ones to get are 5 Faucet Claims and 10 Faucet Claims.  Then there are additional rewards for executing shortlink visits.
HilAno Faucet daily achievements to earn more coins and energy towards your balance

Withdrawing your crypto!

Now that you have earned enough coins that you wish to withdraw, you want to send those to FaucetPay, the first step is to navigate to the “Home Page”. Near the bottom you will see a Balance section and a withdraw button. 

Clicking Withdraw will pop up a window that will show you the coins available and their current exchange rates.

Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Solana (SOL).  Note the values will change based on the value of the currency at time of withdraw.

In this example below I have opted to withdraw Solana (SOL), for more faucets view our post (Here) regarding the addition of this coin to FaucetPay. Paid nearly instantly.  

HilanoFaucet Payment Proof.  Please note, we try to provide updated payment proofs regularly, so be sure to subscribe to TapCrypto, follow us on twitter @tapcrypto1 and visit our PaymentProof section to see more recent proofs.

HilAno Faucet withdrawal page
HilAno Faucet coins available to withdraw to FaucetPay including LTC, BTC, TRX, DOGE, SOL
HilAno Faucet Solana withdrawal
HilAno Faucet withdrawal success
HilAno Faucet Solana successful withdrawal to FaucetPay

Overall, HilanoFaucet is a very promising newer faucet site. I am excited to see its growth. The operators appear very active in developing or tweaking features, so we apologize if there are minor differences between the faucet site and the description/direction outlined in our post.  Visit TapCrypto for many other great paying faucets and paid to click (PTC) sites, Posts about how they work, and Payment proofs updated just about monthly to ensure you are using legit faucets and not wasting your time claiming on scam sites that will never pay out!

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