Complete LitecoinAds Review

LitcoinAds is no longer in operation, visit TapCrypto for currently active faucets.

LitecoinAds Faucet Review

LitecoinAds is a site dedicated to the Litecoin ecosystem.  It has many ways to earn (and pays well!), an Hourly Faucet, a PTC site, Videos, Offerwalls, Games and more.

Getting Started on LitecoinAds

Sign up here and get started! Please note, this site requires use of a Microwallet, we suggest using FaucetPay, but other options include Payeer and Walcrypt.

How to Earn Free Litecoin

In this section we will cover the various ways to earn Litecoin, earning figures may depend on geographic location.

  • Hourly Faucet – Complete a HCaptcha or a Solvemedia captcha and earn. Smallest win amount is 820 Litoshi (pretty good!)
  • Pay to Click – usually around 50 advertisements to view each day, each requires 10 seconds of view time and pays 600+ Litoshi each.
  • Captcha Claims – earn 150 Litoshi per captcha, unlimited claims!
  • Shortlinks
  • Videos
  • Offerwalls
LitecoinAds ways to earn to free Litecoin

Withdrawing From LitecoinAds

It is very easy to withdraw your Litecoin from LitecoinAds. As suggested earlier, a microwallet and a linked Litecoin address is required.  We suggest FaucetPay as it is a trustworthy microwallet and there are low fees to withdraw.  Other options include Walcrypt and Payeer.

MicroWalletMinimum WithdrawlWithdrawal Fee
FaucetPay100 Litoshis2%
Walcrypt1 Litoshi1.5%
Payeer0.02 LTCs3.5%
LitecoinAds Minimum Withdrawal Thresholds & Withdrawal Fees

Check out our latest LitecoinAds Payment Proof via FaucetPay. We believe LitecoinAds is a worthwhile use of your time as its very easy to gather a decent amount of Litecoin each day with many options and an easy to use site. Happy Claiming!

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