Complete GraBTC Review

Grab Bitcoin every hour for life!

GraBTC Faucet Overview

GraBTC is a free Bitcoin faucet that lets you earn and claim Bitcoin from various earning methods. Like most faucet sites that let you collect free crypto currencies, GraBTC also relies on advertising revenue that you generate for them when visiting their website. In turn, GraBTC pays you back in free Bitcoin. GraBTC is one of the most full-featured sites when it comes to all the ways you can earn free Bitcoin. We’ll go into all the different earnings methods down below so you can start making Bitcoin fast, today! Once you hit the minimum withdrawal threshold for then you can send your earned Bitcoin directly to your personal wallet. GraBTC is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so you can start claiming on any of your devices today!

Getting Started on GrabTC

Click here to sign up for GraBTC. Once your account is registered you will see your username and current level on the left side of the screen. As you continue to make claims, complete PTC ads, shortlinks, complete jobs and offers you will see your levels and percentage multipliers increase over time. GraBTC supports only a Bitcoin faucet, but offers you a variety of ways to earn satoshis fast.

GraBTC account balance, experience level, and faucet claim multiplier
GraBTC Levels

Collecting Bitcoin on GraBTC 

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free crypto from each of the various methods of making claims on their website. To start, your claim values will be on the slightly lower end of the spectrum but as you increase your rank by claiming more often throughout the day then your claim values will increase too. 

Bitcoin Faucet: 60 minutes or 24 times a day – GraBTC allows you to make claims throughout the day for Bitcoin by playing a rolling game. The amount of Bitcoin Satoshis or “Bits” you earn on a roll will be dependent on your current level which determines your faucet multiplier and the number you roll. The higher the number you roll up to 99,999 the higher amount of Bits you’ll claim. Note, the value of each claim will depend highly on the value of Bitcoin at the time of claim.

GraBTC hourly faucet claim Bitcoin payouts
GraBTC Faucet Values

Shortlinks: Shortlinks are the most prominent claiming method available on GraBTC’s website. With shortlinks you’ll usually have 1-2 views available for each of the links currently on the site. GraBTC shows the site you’ll be visiting, bits received for completing the shortlink and the views you have remaining for the link. Upon clicking into the link you will have to fill out a captcha challenge before being redirected to the shortlink website. From the shortlink page, you’ll most likely have to fill out more captcha challenges and wait approximately 10-20 seconds before receiving the verification link. Once the shortlink is completed, you will be brought back to the GraBTC website with a banner displaying the bits you’ve received. At the time of writing there are 50 shortlinks available on their website and you’re able to complete all 50 within 24 hours. After 24 hours has passed you’ll then be able to complete the shortlinks again and earn even more Bits! 

PTC Ads: Throughout the day the level of PTC Ads will vary on GraBTC. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. Similar to shortlinks you will see the the title of the ad, the amount of bits available when you complete the PTC ads and the time you will spend completing the ad. Typically, you will earn 2-10 bits after completing a Pay to Click ad on GraBTC. After midnight the PTC ads reset and you can complete more the following day. 

Jobs: GraBTC has jobs that you can complete mostly related to promoting their site around the internet. Most of the jobs come with clauses like video or post length, the quality of the video, hastaging various ways of spelling their website name, etc. Along with the clauses you will also need to provide proof via screenshots and links to the jobs you’ve completed.

Payment Proofs: Occasionally, the option to post payment proofs on forums will come up as an earning option. Since you’re already going to be withdrawing free Bitcoin from GraBTC it doesn’t hurt to take a couple of screenshots and make a payment proof post similar to how we do it on At the time of writing this, GraBTC is offering 100 bits for anyone who posts a payment proof on a “beer money” forum. 

CPU Miner: The CPU miner allows you to earn crypto passively by just leaving your computer on. On the mining page of GraBTC all you have to do is click “Start” for your computer to start mining Bitcoin on it’s own. For every 40,000 hashes you complete, you will earn 1 bit. At the bottom of the page you can see your earnings for the day. 

Investment Game: The investment game is similar to betting options on crypto exchanges or in the stock market. In this game you will have ability to bet on whether Bitcoin’s price will go higher or lower within in the next 5 minutes after placing your bet. If you bet correctly, then GraBTC will multiply your bet by 1.3x. To bet Bitcoin’s price will be higher in 5 minutes you will make a “Call”, and to bet that Bitcoin’s price will go lower you will make a “Put”. If the price remains the same then your bet will be refunded.

GraBTC Bitcoin price predicition game
GraBTC Investment Game

Offerwalls: Offerwalls allow you to earn Bitcoin by completing surveys, visiting websites, watching videos, and other tasks. The Offerwall will pay you a reward after your completed task is validated by the provider.

Lottery: Like a normal lottery, GraBTC allow you to purchase lottery tickets using your bits. To purchase 10 lottery tickets it will cost you 10 bits and enter you into their monthly lottery. The winner for the lottery is selected on the first of each month and usually pay over 500,000 bits. 

Achievements: Within GraBTC you will have the ability to increase your level by accomplishing tasks on their website. To level up, you can complete the below tasks:

  • Faucet claims
  • Shortlink visits
  • Offerwall completions

As you complete the above tasks and your level increases you will receive higher faucet claim multipliers and bits added to your account. Be sure to check into this page often since GraBTC doesn’t automatically credit you for completing achievements. 

Withdrawing Bitcoin from GrabTC Faucet

Once you’ve reached 0.00020000 BTC for a direct wallet withdrawal or 0.00002500 BTC for a FaucetPay withdrawal you can navigate to the withdrawal screen. GraBTC withdrawals  are usually processed within 24-48. Click here to find the latest proof of payments from GraBTC.

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