Coinpot Multiplier: How to Make 1,500 Satoshis a Day

Coinpot and their associated faucets are shutting down on 2021-01-31

What is Coinpot?

Coinpot is a microwallet that lets you earn their own specific Coinpot tokens as well as various other crypto currencies through faucets. As a part of Coinpot’s website you can complete challenges by making a certain amount of faucet claims, spending a certain amount of time mining, playing the lottery game and also rolling in the multiplier game. To earn at least 1,500 Bitcoin satoshis a day completely free we’ll focus on the multiplier game and completing challenges associated to it. The best part about this trick is that you don’t have to do anything more than clicking “Start”. Further down, we’ll go into more details on how to set up your account to take advantage of this free Coinpot token trick. To learn more about Coinpot and their faucets, click here to read our full in-depth review. To register for an account on Coinpot click here. You will also need to collect at least 100 Coinpot tokens before beginning. You can sign up for the below faucets on Coinpot. Our in-depth review on Coinpot explains more on faucet claiming but you can collect free crypto from the faucets each time you claim as well as 3 Coinpot tokens. Within 1-2 hours you’ll be able to collect enough tokens to begin using the multiplier.

Bitcoin Cash
Click the faucet links above to get started!

What is the Coinpot Multiplier Game?

Coinpot’s multiplier game is a roll based game with a 0% house edge. You choose to either roll high (500-999) or roll low (0-499). Before rolling you have the option to bet 1, 10, 100, or 1k Coinpot tokens and how much you want to multiply your winnings by if your roll hits your high/low bet. You also have the option to set up an autoroll on the multiplier. The autoroll feature is how you’re going to start earning 1,500+ Bitcoin satoshis a day completely free with just one click! multipler game page

Coinpot Multiplier Settings for Free Tokens

To get set up you’ll have to go into the autoroll settings on the multiplier page. Once there follow these steps and there will be a slideshow of images highlighting these settings down below. 

  • For High or Low? 
    • Select Roll Low
  • For Multiply By
    • Select 2x tokens
  • Go to AutoRoll Settings
  • General Tab
    • Set the Maximum Number of Rolls = 102,000 (some rolls will fail)
    • Pause Between Rolls  = No Pause
    • Stop AutoRoll When Profit Reaches = Unchecked
    • Stop AutoRoll When Loss Reaches = 500 or whatever you feel comfortable with losing. You will always gain by following these steps. 
  • Win Tab
    • Stop AutoRoll = Unchecked
    • High/Low = High
    • Multiplier = No change
    • Stake = Reset to starting stake
  • Lose Tab
    • Stop AutoRoll = Unchecked
    • High/Low = Low
    • Multiplier = No change
    • Stake = Reset to starting stake

Once you have all the settings in place you can select your stake as 1 token to begin the autorolling. It will continue to run for several hours until you’ve completed 102,000 rolls. Over the course of a couple of hours you will see your profit gain/lose during that time, but the profit within this multiplier game is not what we’re trying to hit. Coinpot has daily, monthly and all time challenges you can complete and there specific challenges for completing a set number of multipliers each day. When you’re just getting started on Coinpot you will able be to hit more challenges than veteran users but anyone can earn 1,500 satoshis a day by doing this trick. multiplier rolls in a day challenges and rewards

As you can see in the image above, after completing the 5 tiers of rolls you will earn 1,500 Coinpot tokens from that daily roll challenge alone. This is the equivalent to 1,500 satoshis at the time of writing. As you complete this volume of rolls each day you will also hit challenges for:

  • Multiplier Rolls Completed
    • Daily, Monthly and All Time
  • Total Tokens Staked
    • Daily, Monthly and All Time
  • Multiplier Rolls Exactly 99
    • All Time (This one you can hit within a week using this method)

The last little bonus for playing the multiplier game and completing 100k rolls in a day is the ability to earn free lottery tickets. When you roll a three-of-a-kind number you’ll win a lottery ticket. For example, rolling 111, 444, 777, etc will net you free lottery tickets. The tickets expire every day so be sure to use them once your multiplier rolls finish up and you’ll have a chance to earn $50 or more worth of Coinpot tokens completely free. As you can see using the Coinpot multiplier trick in this article is one of the best ways to earn free crypto passively. Check our latest payment proofs from Coinpot here.

4 thoughts on “Coinpot Multiplier: How to Make 1,500 Satoshis a Day

  1. My account got suspended because I used your method to continuously gain CoinPot Tokens! After I became a Bronze member by crossing 100000 Tokens they suspended my account, and now I get this error whenever I try the Multiplier – Roll failed, reason: No valid account is signed in
    I have tried clearing the cache and cookies, tried logging out and even tried other browsers, still the error is there. I have even sent CoinPot support an email but I don’t have any hope because they never reply to user emails. 😦


    1. Hey! Glad to know it worked but Coinpot ended up blocking your account. We’ve fortunately haven’t been blocked, but if you can’t get in contact with their support team after a couple of attempts, then I’d suggest trying the following.

      1. Connecting from your phone using 4G while not logged in on your laptop and seeing if it works
      2. Retrying different browsers / no ad-block / cleared cache and cookies
      3. Clearing the client seed value within the Provably Fair option on the Multiplier page. Also making sure it’s set to Random
      4. Swapping your Coinpot tokens for a crypto so you’re just below the Bronze member status and retrying

      If none of those work, we’d suggest securing your funds by withdrawing as much as you can so you don’t lose anything. With all faucets be cautious of how much funds you keep on them. Withdrawing funds frequently ensures you’re keeping what you earned without risking the faucet shutting down or banning your account.


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