Complete Review Faucet Overview is a Litecoin faucet that lets you earn and claim Litecoin through a variety of ways. Like most faucet sites that let you collect free crypto currencies, also relies on advertising revenue that you generate for them when visiting their website. In turn, Free-Litecoin pays you back in LTC. Once you hit the minimum withdrawal threshold of 0.00300000 LTC then you can send the crypto directly to your personal wallet. is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so you can start claiming today on any of your devices!

Getting Started on

Click here to sign up for Free-Litecoin. Once your account is registered you will be brought to their home page, which is the faucet / rolling game to collect free Litecoin. Down below we’ll go into further details about the different ways to earn on

Collecting Cryptocurrency on Free-Litecoin 

Now that your account is registered it’s time to start collecting free LTC from each of the various methods of making claims on their website. To start, you’ll want to focus on the hourly free faucet games to pad your wallet with some funds. 

Free-Litecoin faucet claim LTC payouts Faucet Claim Payouts

Faucet Claiming: 60 minutes or 24 times a day: Free-Litecoin allows you collect LTC by playing a slot style roll game. The odds are skewed against you as shown in the image above, but this is where you’ll make most of your LTC on their website. As you get started using this is where you should spend most of your time to collect enough LTC to take advantage of the other ways of earning. Or you can withdraw early and often!

Multiplier Game: If you’re familiar with Coinpot the multiplier game, then the one on Free-Litecoin is pretty much the same with a slight twist. The multiplier game here gives you a 50/50 chance of winning with a 0% house edge by default. Also, similar to Coinpot you have the option to do manual multiplier rolls where you have to click to begin each roll or auto rolls. One of the more unique features of the Free-Litecoin multiplier game is that you can tweak yours or the house’s edge. If you put the odds in your favor you’ll see the winnable reward decrease the more you give yourself the edge. One the flip-side, if you begin to give the house more of an edge then you will see your winnable reward begin to increase.

Free-Litecoin over under betting game Autoroll Multiplier Settings

Interest Earning: On most faucet sites it’s preferable to withdraw your crypto as often as you can to avoid risking losing your money through an attack on the website or if the faucet runs dry. On Free-Litecoin however you can earn 8% on your Litecoin holdings by leaving your LTC on their website, which they then invest in their mining project. The interest payouts to you will occur randomly throughout the day and go straight into your balance. The calculator on the page helps you decide whether or not this is a worthwhile investment for you.

Free-Litecoin interest rates Interest Earning

Lottery: As with a normal lottery, you can buy tickets for a chance to win a much larger amount than you put in, however the chances of winning are small but it’s fun to give it a try every once in a while. The more lottery tickets you purchase, the better the chance you will have in winning the jackpot. The jackpot winnings are determined by how many users on the site purchase tickets. Currently, the price for a lottery ticket is 0.00000010 LTC. 

Withdrawing From Free-Litecoin

Once you’ve reached 0.00300000 LTC within your account you can navigate to the withdrawal screen on Free-Litecoin to send your earnings to your personal wallet. There may also be very small transaction fees when processing your withdrawal due to the cost of sending LTC on the network. Click here to find the latest proof of payments from Happy Claiming!

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