Complete Cointiply Review

Cointiply Faucet Review

Cointiply is a reliable faucet site that rewards users with Cointiply Coins. These coins are pegged to a USD value (10,000 Cointiply coins = $1.00). You can exchange these coins for your choice of Bitcoin or Dogecoin upon withdrawal to your personal wallet/address. Cointiply truly has one of the best user interfaces and websites amongst the faucets we have seen. There are many different ways to earn, games to play, and even a mobile app, Cointiply truly looks and feels like a finished product.

Getting Started on Cointiply

Sign up for Cointiply and start earning today!

How to Earn Crypto on Cointiply

As previously mentioned, Cointiply offers users many ways to accumulate coins.

Faucet: Claim Hourly, when starting out your reward will vary between 20 coins and 258 per roll. Jackpot is also available. Increase your winnings by leveling up in the faucet and getting a higher “Cointiplier”.

Cointiply hourly roll faucet claimer

Daily Loyalty Bonus: Claim at least once per day to receive a 1% boost to all faucet claims (up to 100%).

Pay to Click: Earn coins by visiting advertised sites for the designated time.  This is a good way to earn a couple hundred coins per day.

Cointiply PTC ad options and payouts

Play Games: Earn coins by playing one of 84! Different games. These include staples such as solitaire, blackjack, chess and many more. Its important to note, that while playing games such as blackjack and other traditional “gambling” games, you are not risking any of your own money. It is only in game credits. All you have to do is play the games, view a few advertisements until the activity bar is filled up, at which point you are rewarded with an amount of Cointiply Coins.

Cointiply game options including Jewel Shuffle, Daily Quick Cross and more

Play Multiplier: A game where you can wager your Cointiply Coins and win up to 61.3x your bet! Warning, can be addicting and like any game of chance you may lose your coins. How to play.

Cointiply multiplier game

Offerwalls and Surveys

Promo Codes: – The Cointiply Twitter account often tweets out promotional codes you can enter on the site to earn coins.

Mobile App: – Earn coins for downloading and installing the Cointiply app, which makes claiming and completing tasks very easy on your phone. Android only.

Earn Interest: If you hold over 35,000 Cointiply Coins ($3.50) you are eligible to earn 5% interest(annually) on your balance.

Cointiply Mobile App

A More recent update to the Cointiply faucet is the creation of a mobile application. It’s very slick and nicely put together. Has some nice benefits for ease of use and overall aesthetic compared to the website, particularly if you are a phone user.

  • Home Screen makes it easy to navigate to all sections of the faucet, listed tabs across the top.
Cointiply Mobile App Home Screen
  • Video and Paid to Click (PTC) is much easier to use and has a cleaner layout.
  • Daily Quests and Bonuses
Earn extra coins by completing tasks.

Withdrawing Crypto from Cointiply

Cointiply offers four coins to withdraw. Bitcoin and Dogecoin, then more recently the addition of Dash and Litecoin. All of which are eligible to transfer directly to your wallet/address. The minimum withdrawal limit is outlined below.

  • Bitcoin – 50,000 Cointiply Coins  = $5.00
  • Dogecoin – 30,000 Cointiply Coins = $3.00
  • Dash – 30,000 Cointiply Coins = $3.00
  • Litecoin – 30,000 Cointiply Coins = $3.00

Here are our most recent payment proofs.

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