Complete ES Faucet Review

ES Faucet Overview 

ES Faucet is a Faucet, Paid to Click, Video, and offers sites all rolled into one. 

It currently 8 different currencies, in addition to its own in-site token “ES-Coin” 

● Bitcoin 

● Ethereum 

● Litecoin 

● Ripple 

● Stellar 

● Digibyte 

● Dogecoin 

● Basic Attention Token 

By using the site and “leveling up” you can unlock access to 5 additional currencies 

● Bitcoin Cash 

● Ethereum Classic 

● 0x 

● Tron 

● Dash 

Getting Started on ES Faucet

Click here and sign up for an account today!

Earning Free Crypto ES Faucet

There are currently 6 different ways to earn on ES Faucet! 

Faucets – Claim your coin of preference or all of them, up to every 30 minutes. There are ways to increase your claim amount via bonuses such as Daily Loyalty and Offer bonuses (earned by completing offers such as surveys) 

Paid to Click – Visit sites for a predetermined amount of time and earn some Satoshi 

Videos – Watch videos and advertisements to earn. 

Offers – Complete different offers such as surveys or app installs to earn. 

Miner – Mine via your browser to earn. 

Bonuses – Once you are of a certain level on the site, there are weekly bonuses you can claim. 

ES Faucet way to earn from crypto
ES Faucet Ways to Earn Free Crypto

Withdrawing Your Crypto and Crypto Asset Exchanges 

Within ES Faucet you have the ability to exchange one earned cryptocurrency for another on the site. Currently only 5 free trades per day are allowed, but that should be more than enough typically. 

These are the minimum withdrawals and fees for the 8 coins available for all new users. 

● Bitcoin – 70,000 satoshi with a 25,000 satoshi fee for Direct Wallet. 11,000 satoshi if sent to Coinbase with no fee. 

● Ethereum – 0.05015000 ETH with a fee of 0.00015000 ETH for Direct Wallet. 0.015 ETH with no fee to Coinbase. 

● Litecoin – 202,500 Litoshi with a 2,500 Litoshi fee for Direct Wallet. 130,000 Litoshi with no fee to Coinbase. 

● Ripple – 23 XRP with a 0.7 XRP fee for Direct Wallet. 8 XRP with no fee to Coinbase. 

● Stellar – 5.3 XLM with a 0.3 XLM fee for Direct Wallet. 0.75 XLM with no fee to Coinbase. 

● Digibyte – 20 DGB with a 2 DGB fee for Direct Wallet, no fee if withdrawing more than 25 DGB. 

● DogeCoin – 300 DOGE with a 10 DOGE fee for Direct Wallet, no fee if withdrawing more than 600 DOGE. 

● Basic Attention Token – 8 BAT with a 0.1 BAT fee for Direct Wallet. 1 BAT with no fee if sent to Coinbase. 

ES Faucet is a nice little site with tons of features, start claiming today! 

Click here to find our latest payment proofs for ES Faucet.

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