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PipeFlare Faucet Review: Legit or Scam? (All You Need to Know)

Are you thinking of signing up for, but unsure whether it’s a legit paying crypto faucet or a scam? In this review, we’ll share our experience with the site and give you tips and tricks to get started and maximize your earnings. We hope to answer the question, Is legit?

I’ll also break down the basics of how PipeFlare works, where the best earning opportunities are on the site, how much you can expect to earn, and more.

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What is PipeFlare?

PipeFlare is a crypto faucet, play-to-earn (P2E) gaming site, NFT marketplace and more recently the creator of the 1FLR token.

Unlike other get-paid-to (GPT) sites, you won’t have to complete tasks, offerwalls, and shortlinks to earn money using PipeFlare. Instead, your focus will be on the three daily faucet claims for Zcash, MATIC (Polygon), and their native 1FLR token. In addition, to faucet claims the next best method of earning free crypto is by playing their games and taking advantage of staking their token.

Below we will dive deeper into the earning methods and the features PipeFlare has to offer.

PipeFlare Faucet Homepage

Is PipeFlare Legit or a Scam?

We have no reason to believe PipeFlare is a scam. Our team at TapCrypto has been using the site since August 2020 and have received payments as expected every time. Their team is doxxed with pictures and information about them publicly available on their website. They’ve also have made significant improvements to the site, added new games to play, and even launched their own token.

All signs points to PipeFlare being here for the long run and continuing to build their community.

Who Can Join?

  • Age requirement: None that we’re aware of
  • Country requirements:  Worldwide (All payments are done using crypto. ZEC, 1FLR, MATIC)
  • Device requirements: Works on any operating system with a web browser, and there’s an app for Android and Apple IOS phones as well
  • Payout requirements: The appropriate crypto wallet(s)
  • Other requirements: No VPN/Proxy/Tor when using the site

Customer Service and Support

Fortunately, we’ve never had to submit a ticket because the site has worked so well for us. However, we’re active in their Discord server where the community and PipeFlare team members are always happy to lend a helping hand. We’d suggest going to Discord for the fastest response times for questions and support.

How PipeFlare Works

PipeFlare is one simpler and more fun crypto faucets

  1. Signup
  2. Link your wallets
  3. Claim the faucet for Zcash, 1FLR and MATIC
  4. Play games
  5. ….Profit!

Keep reading for a more in-depth breakdown of each earning opportunity on PipeFlare, along with tips and tricks to help you get more out of the faucet.

PipeFlare Faucet Claiming Page

PipeFlare Payment Proof

Withdrawals vary by claiming method. Claiming the Zcash and 1FLR faucet will give you automatic payments directly to you wallet. The Polygon Matic faucet requires a minimum .25 MATIC before withdrawals are automatically processed. Game earnings are paid weekly if you land on the leaderboard. Referral faucet payments are processed on the 15th and 1st of every month.

PipeFlare Faucet Earning and Withdrawal History for Zcash, 1FLR, MATIC and Game Earnings

The faucet coin offerings have varied since PipeFlare first launched, but we’ve earned several hundred dollars worth of Zcash and earning close to 600 1FLR tokens a day through staking. Click here to find more up to date proof of payment from the PipeFlare site.

How to Earn Crypto on PipeFlare

There are plenty of ways to earn free crypto on PipeFlare:

1. Faucet Claiming

Like other faucet sites, all you need to do is input your wallet address and click claim. Occasionally you’ll need to watch a 5-10 second PipeFlare related ad.

As mentioned above, ZEC and 1FLR are automatically paid with no minimum withdrawal threshold to hit. MATIC requires .25 in earnings before those payments are processed automatically.

Time Between Claims:

  • ZEC: 24 hours
  • 1FLR: 36 hours
  • MATIC: 20 Hours
PipeFlare Faucet Claiming for ZEC, 1FLR, MATIC
PipeFlare Faucet Linked Account Claiming Bonuses and Daily Claiming Bonus

Claiming the faucet is easy, and linking your email, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts will further increase your claiming potential. Keeping a daily claim streak is important to receive bonus spins (make sure you click bonus the bonus box to activate the spin) and daily claim streak bonuses up to 3.5x. The last way to increase your faucet claim amount is to purchase an NFT from their marketplace which offers bonus of 1.5x, 2x and 5x the normal claim amount.

2. Play Games

Since the launch of their 1FLR play-to-earn token, PipeFlare has made a strong effort to increase their game offerings and integrate 1FLR into them to reward users for playing. Based on their 2022 roadmap and whitepaper, the team plans to expand their game offering from 9 games to 30 games this year. As of right now, 5 of the 9 games available offer a weekly leaderboard contest. Most games require you to place in the top 300 and payouts will vary based on your supporter level and finishing place. The top prize possible prize each week is $10 per game.

PipeFlare Play to Earn Games

Most games will also offer 1FLR tokens as you play them. For example, in BeatBox breaking a box of a 1FLR token will not only add to your score for the game but you’ll also be credited a 1FLR token to your account. Being a higher level support or purchasing an NFT can be used to increase the rate at which 1FLR shows up in your games.

Beginning this year the Battle Pass was launched to allow more casual users of the site to compete for a $45,000 prize pool. To participate, you’d purchase a Battle Pass NFT and the play time is maxed to 15 minutes for you to place your highest score possible. This has been one of the most inclusive Battle Passes we’ve seen and we hope for the Battle Pass competitions to continue for years to come and prize pools to grow in the future.

3. Airdrops

Similar to airdrops for other coins throughout the crypto world, PipeFlare offers airdrops to their users if they meet certain criteria. Airdrops typically happen a few times a month on all their supported coins, 1FLR, Zcash and Matic.

PipeFlare Faucet Airdrops for Zcash, 1FLR and MATIC

As shown in the image above, being an active member of the site and promoting it to other users can be extremely beneficial to your earning amounts. You can earn bonuses for having staking their 1FLR token on the platform, claiming the faucet consistently, and having referrals.

4. Staking

PipeFlare offers a great staking reward and experience for Flare Token on their site. Once you’ve collected 1,000 1FLR tokens either through faucet claiming, playing games or purchasing 1FLR from an exchange you’ll be able to stake those tokens and unlock premium airdrops. Furthermore, PipeFlare rewards their supporters, large 1FLR holders and extended lock up staking periods with higher interest rates. To hit the peak 48% interest rate and maximize your staking rewards you’ll need the following:

  • 1 million Flare Tokens in your PipeFlare account
  • Have a Hardcore Supporter
  • Purchase the NFT Staking Reward Multipliers
  • Lock up your 1FLR into a 12 month staking period

If you don’t hit all those points, you can still take advantage of staking and we’d recommend locking up for longer periods of time.

PipeFlare Flare Token Staking Page and Bonuses

Additional PipeFlare Features

If you’re someone who likes to maximize your earning potential and fun using the PipeFlare website these features will give you the extra edge.

1. Supporter Rewards

As we’ve mentioned throughout the post, PipeFlare likes to give their biggest supporters options to increase their earnings and maximize how fun it is to use their faucet.

PipeFlare offers three Supporter options, depending on what you’re looking for with varying levels of faucet bonuses, NFT discounts, higher staking rates, more Flare Token drops during games and more. Each Supporter package, Casual, Hardcore, and Professional all are offered at monthly payment rate or at a yearly rate. The yearly subscription to a supporter packages gives you better price per month and offers additional discounts for paying with 1FLR or ETH instead of using a credit card.

PipeFlare Supporter Membership Tiers and Perks

The above image shows the perks you’d receive for each Supporter membership. As we at TapCrypto have increased our 1FLR holdings and believe in the long term vision of the PipeFlare project we’ve gone from no membership up to the Professional Supporter option. The cost of the membership in our case was less than the rewards we’d earn from the increased payouts. If you’ve previously bought a Casual or Hardcore supporter membership and you choose to upgrade to a higher tier, then your price for the upgraded option will be prorated to the amount you’ve already paid.

2. NFT Marketplace

PipeFlare has a fully built out NFT Marketplace that has both PipeFlare specific NFT’s to enhance your experience on their website and also user created NFT’s available for sale.

The NFTs available to increase your PipeFlare experience include:

  • Flare Token (1FLR) drop rates in game
  • Eligibility granted for all airdrops for a specified period of time
  • Multiplied weekly leaderboard payouts for games
  • Faucet claim multipliers
  • Staking reward/interest rate multipliers
  • Ability to purchase referrals
  • Lower the cooldown to restore hearts in games
  • Max heart increase in games
  • Airdrop bonus multipliers
  • And more to come!

Similar to the Supporter memberships we discussed above, the benefits of the NFTs available for the PipeFlare site almost always outweigh their costs if you remain an active daily user. The PipeFlare team also hosts giveaways, challenges and competitions which usually give out NFTs as a reward.

PipeFlare NFT Marketplace

3. Battle Pass Competition

The Battle Pass competition was a new feature for 2022 and given the communities enthusiasm for it, we expect it to continue into future years. The Battle Pass is a series of 4 competitions in 2022 with a total prize pool of over $45,000+.

The competition will also include 3 “mini-competitions” with smaller prizes and one large “mega-competition” with a huge sum to the winners. In order to participate, you can purchase up to 5 Battle Pass competition NFTs. Each Battle Pass NFT allows you to participate in a 15 minute challenge up to 5 times to get the highest score possible.

To learn more about the competition and how the prize pool is distributed between the mini and mega competitions the PipeFlare team has a great in-depth write-up here.

4. Community

PipeFlare has a thriving community in their Discord channel with over 11,000+ members and across Twitter with 84,000+ followers.

In the Discord channel you’ll be able to find announcements, general chats about PipeFlare and the 1FLR token, Polls about potential new features, giveaways, and Customer Support. We’d definitely recommend joining the community as many PipeFlare team members and site users discuss the future of PipeFlare and 1FLR token.

Withdrawing Crypto From PipeFlare

One of the best features about PipeFlare is automatic withdrawals. For Supporters from Casual to Professional tiers you will have access to automatic instant withdrawals for Zcash and 1FLR. Matic does have a .25 withdrawal threshold before being automatically withdrawn to your wallet. For Free Tier users of the faucet, withdrawals for Zcash and 1FLR are paid weekly on Monday’s. For Free tier users, you will have the same .25 MATIC minimum withdrawal threshold that will process the next Monday after you hit the limit. All users of the site can save, edit and delete their withdrawal address for each coin at any time.

Additional PipeFlare & Flare Token Information

Affiliate Disclaimer: There are affiliate links within this post. If you click a link and do business with these companies we may earn a small commission to keep TapCrypto running. We strongly recommend you do your own due diligence before deciding whether or not investing in NFTs, the 1FLR token or Supporter tiers is right for you.

We at TapCrypto appreciate you tuning in and making it this far. You can find all of cryptocurrency faucets we use, sites like, Site Reviews, and Payment Proofs, by subscribing to our site. Follow us @tapcrypto1. Thank you!

TapCrypto Faucet Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5. is one of the best Crypto Faucets of all time! Visit for all the details and more sites! #PipeFlare #TapCrypto #Crypto #1FLR

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