Best Bitcoin Faucets

Best Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin is the longest standing and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Back in 2010 the first Bitcoin faucet was created to spread the word about Bitcoin. Since then many Bitcoin faucets and other cryptocurrency faucets have come and gone. We’ve compiled a list below on the best Bitcoin faucets currently available. All the Bitcoin faucets in the list below have full reviews and payment proofs so you know you’ll be claiming from the most trusted Bitcoin faucets out there.

When determining the best Bitcoin faucets to claim from you’ll have to consider the claim amount, claim frequency, minimum withdrawal amounts and withdrawal methods. Luckily, the team at has done all that for you.

The first three faucets on this list all use the Coinpot microwallet. You’ll need to sign up there before you start claiming. Each claim you make on these faucets earn you 3 Coinpot tokens which you can exchange out for more Bitcoin. You can also claim Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash that can be exchanged out for Bitcoin. To learn more about Coinpot click here

Bonus Bitcoin

Notice: BonusBitcoin and all Coinpot related faucets are no longer in operation, visit TapCrypto for active faucets.

The Bonus Bitcoin faucet has a claim timer of 15 minutes. When you go to claim you’ll have the option to change your claim settings to either the average claim amount or a value between 1 and 5,000 satoshis. The average claim generally changes in line with the price of Bitcoin. We’ve typically seen the average claim between 9-13 satoshis. You can also earn a 5% bonus on all your claims for the day. Bonus Bitcoin also offers a multiplier game, offers and surveys to earn more free Bitcoin. 

Bonus Bitcoin Payment Proof
Bonus Bitcoin & Coinpot Review


Notice: BitFun and all Coinpot related faucets are no longer in operation, visit TapCrypto for active faucets.

The BitFun Bitcoin faucet has a claim timer of 5 minutes. As time passes beyond the 5 minute timer the satoshi value will grow so waiting 1-2 hours between claims will be more efficient for your claiming frequency. BitFun also offers games, dice and offers to help you earn more free Bitcoin. 

BitFun Payment Proof
BitFun & Coinpot Review


Notice: MoonBitcoin and all Coinpot related faucets are no longer in operation, visit TapCrypto for active faucets.

The MoonBitcoin faucet is the most straightforward faucet for Coinpot with a timer of 5 minutes. Similar to BitFun the satoshi value grows the longer you wait to claim. Like BitFun you should claim every 1-2 hours to maximize your claim amounts. MoonBitcoin also offers a loyalty bonus for each consecutive day you claim up to 100% and you can also earn a mystery bonus up to 100% as well. 

MoonBitcoin Payment Proof
MoonBitcoin & Coinpot Review


GraBTC is one of the most well known faucets and offers an hourly Bitcoin claim. The claimer on GraBTC is a roll-based faucet where you can earn between 18 and 11k satoshis depending on the current price of Bitcoin. Other Bitcoin earning options on GraBTC includes shortlinks, PTC ads, jobs, achievements, CPU mining, and an investment game.

GraBTC Payment Proof
GraBTC Review’s faucet is another roll-based faucet offering Bitcoin claims every hour. The highest payout is usually pegged to $200 in Bitcoin satoshis. The FreeBitcoin faucet also offers a multiplier game, weekly lottery, betting, interest earning and rewards on your BTC. Payment Proof Review

Telegram Bitcoin Clickbot Faucet

Please note that the operator Doge.Click has decided to shut down the service/bots. They will remain open/available until 7/1/2022.

Doge click service shut down notice.
Doge.Click Shutting Down All Bots

The Telegram Bitcoin clickbot faucet is a little different than the free Bitcoin faucets mentioned above. There’s no claim limit on the the Bitcoin clickbot but it’s not a typical faucet. The ways to earn on this clickbot is through visiting websites, messaging bots and joining other telegram chats. The Bitcoin clickbot offers a daily loyalty bonus. All you have to do is complete 3 tasks (of any variety on any of the bots) to earn 2% more on all earnings from tasks. Each subsequent day of completing a minimum of 3 tasks you will earn additional 2% up to a maximum of 50%.

Telegram Bitcoin Clickbot Payment Proof
Telegram Bitcoin Clickbot Review

Multi-Coin Faucets that Include Bitcoin Withdrawals


AltHub’s faucet lets you earn their own AltHub coins every 30 minutes which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin when you’re ready to withdraw. As your level progresses from making claims, completing shortlinks and PTC ads then your claim bonus will increase too. Currently, 5,000 AltHub coins is equal to $0.50. 

AltHub Payment Proof
AltHub Review


Cointiply’s faucet is a roll-based that allows you to make claims every hour. As a part of their faucet they also offer a daily loyalty bonus. Just claiming once per day will increase your bonus by 1%. After 100 consecutive days of making faucet claims your bonus percentage will be 100% on all faucet claims. Other ways to earn on Cointiply include PTC ads, games, multiplier games, promo codes and interest. One other feature Cointiply has is their mobile app which makes it even easier to make claim.s

Cointiply Payment Proof
Cointiply Review


FaucetCrypto’s faucet allows you to claim FaucetCrypto tokens every 40 minutes. The ranking system on FaucetCrypto allows you to progress up the ranks to increase your claim multiplier. There is also a daily 35 token bonus claim you can make. You also have the ability to complete shortlinks and visit PTC ads to earn tokens and experience points to increase your ranks. Once you reach the Bitcoin withdrawal threshold you can exchange your FaucetCrypto for Bitcoin. 

FaucetCrypto Payment Proof
FaucetCrypto Review

The faucet offers several cryptocurrencies you can claim every 5 minutes including Bitcoin. AllCoins also has PTC ads, command and web based mining, games and offerwalls to earn even more free Bitcoin from their faucet. Payment Proof Review

FireFaucet offers a 30 minute faucet to earn their own ACP. ACP can be accumulated through daily bonuses, PTC ads, shortlinks and completing offerwalls. FireFaucet also has daily tasks to complete and which payout ACP and satoshis as you complete them. As your level progresses you will earn satoshis each time you level up. Once you hit enough ACP you’re able to exchange it out for Bitcoin and either do a direct wallet withdrawal or a FaucetPay withdrawal. 

FireFaucet Payment Proof
FireFaucet Review

ES Faucet

ES Faucet offers 30 minute claims, PTC ads, videos, offers, mining and weekly bonus claims as ways to earn Bitcoin on their faucet site.

ES Faucet Payment Proof
ES Faucet Review


RollerCoin is quite different from many cryptocurrency faucets. Typical faucets reward users with cryptocurrencies in exchange for completion of tasks, and subsequently viewing advertisements on the website. RollerCoin instead is a hybrid between a mining simulation game and a faucet. Build up your mining power by playing games and purchasing mining machines and be rewarded in Bitcoin. 

RollerCoin Payment Proof
RollerCoin Review

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