FaucetSpin Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

What is FaucetSpin?

As the name suggests, FaucetSpin is a crypto faucet in which you can claim and earn free Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The design is excellent; it is straightforward and intuitive to use. Many Faucets clog up their sites with useless information, making them difficult to navigate. FaucetSpin keeps things neat and tidy to allow you to focus on maximizing your faucet claiming. The site is also not completely devoid of advertisements, though you can utilize it without being constantly irritated by them. With withdraws available straight to FaucetPay, FaucetSpin is a great faucet to use.

The owners of the site appear to be anonymous, however the site was registered in 2020 in America and has been consistently paying their users since FaucetSpin’s inception.

How to earn free crypto on FaucetSpin?

You can earn your favorite Cryptocurrency in one of two ways. You can choose whatever cryptocurrency you want to claim, and each Coin has its own waiting period. Bitcoin takes 30 minutes to claim, but Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin only take 5 minutes. The payout is excellent and there are no additional shortlinks needed to make the claim. You will get your coins right away simply by solving a captcha.

We don’t know why each Cryptocurrency has a different waiting period; perhaps you have to wait longer for Bitcoin since the payment is simply too high. You get 5 satoshis every claim while writing this, which is more than double what other crypto faucets like GraBTC or Freebitco.in pay. We don’t believe the payout is poor; it’s just that the payment from Faucetspin is a bit better in that regard.

The high minimum withdrawal amount is one of FaucetSpin’s drawbacks. To send money to FaucetPay, you currently need at least 10,000 satoshis in Bitcoin. That’s a lot of crypto, especially considering there are other similar sites with much lower minimum withdrawal thresholds. The minimum withdrawal amount for the other cryptocurrencies is same, but you earn a lot more of them. That implies that if you opt to claim all four coins, you can send your payments to Faucetpay fairly quickly, with the exception of your Bitcoin. As with other crypto faucets we can see the minimum withdrawal lowered as the price of Bitcoin increases.

FaucetSpin in Conclusion

In short, FaucetSpin seems to be pretty comparable to other top crypto faucets and worth giving it a try to add diversity to the site you claim. The biggest drawback is the high withdrawal minimum, but being able to claim 4 (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin) of the most established cryptocurrencies worth it. Start claiming from FaucetSpin today and earn free crypto!

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