Koiniom Review – Legit Crypto Faucet

Koiniom Crypto Faucet Overview

Formerly KickassTraffic, Koiniom is a PTC site that not only delivers PTC advertisements but also some excellent ads that function like other ad surfing sites such as AdBTC and CoinPayU. The Koiniom crypto faucet has been online since 2016 and is registered in the United States. You can also find their Twitter account here which was also registered in 2016 along with their Trustpilot account that was created in 2020. The more recent creation of the Trustpilot account is most likely due to a branding change from KickassTraffic. Unfortunately, we couldn’t discover any more information on the owner, although this is very normal for other crypto faucet sites that offer free ways to earn Bitcoin. However, you can submit reviews to Trustpilot, tweets to their Twitter account or email their support directly at support@koiniom.com.

Koiniom employs a one-of-a-kind script, and the site is visually appealing. To begin earning money, you must first have a FaucetPay account (signup here), select the coin you want to earn, then click the “Get Free Crypto” button next to your address. After that an overlay appears, displaying your data and allowing you to select between “Active Window Ads,” “View Advertisements,” and “Offerwalls”. It’s important to note you may change the cryptocurrency type by selecting the option at BTC; you can also earn Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

Koiniom can also be used to market your own websites. You just need to generate some advertisements for other users to view. You may promote your blog, your own PTC site, or a referral link to another site in this manner.

Koiniom Free Crypto Faucet Homepage
Koiniom Free Crypto Faucet Homepage

How to earn free crypto on Koiniom?

The “Active Window Ads” are the first and best way to earn Bitcoin and other crypto on Koiniom. They operate similarly to a normal ad surfing; you start them, watch them for a few seconds, and then click next. You must actively click on the next button and the window must remain in focus for it to operate, but it is still quite simple. The only disadvantage is that if you switch to another window for a second and then return, the timer may stop operating. The Active Window Ads earning section of Koiniom is the best section for time to earnings ratio and we recommend completing all available ads daily.

The second option at Koiniom is to “View advertisements.” It operates similarly to a typical PTC site in that you watch an ad, answer a captcha, and then you receive your satoshis. Because the advertisements do not require your attention, you may watch them while doing other things.

Koiniom Crypto Faucet Earning Dashboard - PTC Ads, Offerwalls and faucet claiming
Koiniom Crypto Faucet Earning Dashboard

Koiniom also provides several Offerwalls. The Offerwalls are the same as they are anywhere else, and you confront the same issues. If you have a tracking issue, you cannot rely on Koiniom; instead, you must contact the Offerwall’s support directly. When the tracking does not work, you are usually out of luck and will not be reimbursed. However, if you’re a user that has done Offerwalls on other sites and have been paid successfully, this is the most lucrative earning method on Koiniom.

Starting this year Koiniom began offering the opportunity to earn coins through a faucet. It’s on the far right side of the dashboard. However, the Faucet is a paid shortlink rather than a genuine Faucet. Nonetheless, we are overjoyed about the new earning potential, and you will be able to make much more than before. You may click the faucet and earn every 4 hours, after which you must wait again.

Is Koiniom worth using?

Koiniom features a very modern design and a distinctive script; it is also SSL-secured and has been active and paying for over 5 years. That demonstrates that the Koiniom owner put a lot of attention into the design and maintenance of the faucet. The active window advertisements are simple to set up and pay well. While the other claiming methods are a bit less profitable than the active window ads it’s still a good faucet to use along with several other PTCs we use such as AdBTC and CoinPayU. Overall Koiniom is a good site to add to your daily claiming schedule and we’d recommend it. To see our latest payment proof for the Koiniom faucet, click here and sign up for the faucet today!

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