CryptoCompanion Review – Legit Crypto Faucet Faucet Review

CryptoCompanion launched late in 2021 that pays Litecoin and Tron directly to FaucetPay and Shiba Inu and Litecoin to. The multiple microwallet options, cryptos available and low minimum withdrawal thresholds allow you to earn free crypto quickly even with just normal faucet claims. All claims done on are denominated in “Points” so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating crypto prices to hit the withdrawal limits. is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so you can claim on all your devices. Dashboard and Ways to Earn Crypto Dashboard and Ways to Earn Crypto

Getting Started

Click here to sign up for CryptoCompanion. Once your account is registered you will be able to start making claims, completing, shortlinks and PTC advertisements. At the top of the dashboard screen you can hit the 3 dot menu in the top right to view your current point total that’s available to withdraw, current level which claim bonuses are based on, and the ability to toggle between light and dark mode. In the main dashboard page there isn’t much to do, but you do have the option to change your companion’s name from Richard to whatever you’d like.

How to Earn on CryptoCompanion

Now that your account is registered its time to start earning free crypto on CryptoCompanion through each of the various claiming methods available. To start, the main faucet claiming section will payout points every 5 minutes with no maximum number of claims per day. The claims you make are denominated in points and the exchange rates can be found on the withdrawal page by selecting a coin to withdraw.

Normal Faucet Claiming

5 minutes – CryptoCompanion allows you to make claims throughout the day for points and an experience bump. Just go to the Faucet page, complete a Captcha challenge, and then click “Claim”. CryptoCompanion generally has one HCaptcha or one hCaptcha plus a Anti-bot addition problems to solve. Upon claiming, your account will be credited and the faucet timer will reset. Faucet Claim Page Faucet Claim Page

Similar to other crypto faucets, CryptoCompanion offers many of the same trusted shortlinks such as,, shrinkearn, with high payouts. For shortlinks, you’ll need to answer 2-3 captcha challenges and a short wait timer on the redirected page, before coming back to the CryptoCompanion faucet where you’ll be credited for your view.

PTC (Pay to Click Ads)

PTC Ads will vary throughout the day on how many there will be available, but this section of CryptoCompanion has been relatively dead. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. PTC ads pay close to normal faucet claims and you typically have to spend 5-30 second on the PTC before you receive points for your view.

Daily Bonus Rewards

CryptoCompanion offers daily activity bonuses based on claiming the faucet at least 5 times in a day. Once you reach the 5 faucet claim threshold, navigate to the daily bonus and click the claim button on the daily bonus you’re on. Make sure you stay on the daily bonus page for about 5-10 second after claiming the bonus as it takes a few seconds to process. Daily Bous Reward Claims Daily Bous Reward Claims

Withdrawing from CryptoCompanion

There isn’t a known withdrawal limit you need to hit before submitting a withdrawal, but all withdrawals submitted under 150 points are instantly paid to your FaucetPay or ExpressCrypto account. If you have over 150 points, your withdrawal will need to be approved by the site admin, but it has never taken longer than 24 hours for us to receive our payment. If you choose to withdraw your coins to FaucetPay then you’ll have the option for Tron and Litecoin. If you decide to use ExpressCrypto, then your withdrawal options are Shiba Inu and Litecoin. Click here to see proof of payments from CryptoCompanion and start claiming today!

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