Coinlean Crypto Faucet Review Faucet Review

Coinlean is an easy faucet to use paying in multiple cryptocurrencies. The site supports numerous different coins and pays to popular microwallet service FaucetPay. They also allow use of iCoinPay, a microwallet service we are not familiar with so we would recommend using FaucetPay as it’s the most used. iCoinPay seems to be relatively inactive on twitter and only Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) are not already supported on FaucetPay.  Seeing as there is relatively little information regarding iCoinPay you are safer opting to use the known and trusted FaucetPay.  Below we will discuss the common site functionalities and coins available.

Getting Started

Sign up here: Coinlean registration

Payment Proof: Here

FaucetPay: Register Here

How to Earn

One of the nicer parts of Coinlean is that earning is very simple.  Complete a captcha and claim, that’s it.  Currently there are no Paid to Click (PTC) or Shortlink earning opportunities.  The Faucet claim timer is 20 minutes for each coin available with no limit to the number of claims per day.  

There are two ways to get to the faucet claim.

Option one, on the dashboard you can click on any of the coins.

Coinlean Available Coins and Balances
Coinlean Available Coins and Balances

Option two, in the menu bar you can click Free Coins and select your coin.

Supported Free Crypto Coins on Coinlean
Supported Free Crypto Coins on Coinlean

Once you’ve selected a coin you will be taken to a page that looks like this. Simply click claim and complete the captcha to earn your crypto.

Coinlean Faucet Claim for Bitcoin
Coinlean Faucet Claim for Bitcoin

Withdrawing your coins

Because Coinlean pays directly to microwallets, there is no minimum withdraw amount, so you are free to withdraw as frequently as you wish. Please note that you will need to link your Coinlean account with FaucetPay via your email address within the profile section of the site prior to withdrawing as you won’t be prompted to provide an address on the withdraw screen.

To link your Coinlean account to FaucetPay, visit the Menu->My Profile.

Word of advice that tripped us up a little bit, ensure that you use your FaucetPay email address in the “Wallet Address” section. We had issues withdrawing some coins until we made that change. wallet set up page.
Coinlean FaucetPay Link Set Up

Click withdraw on the dashboard for the coin you wish to send to your wallet.

Crypto Coin balances on Coinlean Faucet
Crypto Coin balances on Coinlean Faucet

Withdraw screen example:

Coinlean Withdrawal Screen for Bitcoin Cash
Coinlean Withdrawal Screen for Bitcoin Cash

The coins available on Coinlean are:

CoinCoin SymbolCoin
CoinGeckoPays To
BitcoinBTCCMC – BTCCMC – BTCFaucetPay
EthereumETHCMC – ETHCMC – ETHFaucetPay
Binance CoinBNBCMC – BNBCMC – BNBFaucetPay
StellarXLMCMC – XLMCMC – XLMiCoinPay – Use at your own discretion, relatively unknown service.
Bitcoin CashBCHCMC – BCHCMC – BCHFaucetPay
LitecoinLTCCMC – LTCCMC – LTCFaucetPay
RippleXRPCMC – XRPCMC – XRPiCoinPay – Use at your own discretion, relatively unknown service.

In review

Coinlean is a clean and easy site to use.  Its payments are executed instantly to FaucetPay and you can claim as frequently as you wish.  We are interested in following to see what additional developments, such as airdrops and other coin tracking tools the site operators plan to add.

You can find updated payment proofs from Coinlean Payment Proof. We try to provide updated Faucet Proofs monthly or as frequently as possible to ensure you are not wasting your time on sties that will not pay.

For more faucet site write ups, reviews, payment proofs, and relative news we recommend Subscribing to our site to receive updates (TapCrypto), Follow us on Twitter @tapcrypto1, and visit our Payment Proof Section.

Happy Claiming!

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