FaucetWorld.in Review

Is Faucetworld.in a scam or legit?

The answer to the question you are here to find out, Faucetworld.in is legitimate from our experience. Below we will talk about the different components and features on the site to get you earning cryptocurrencies quickly. While the site offers various withdrawal methods, including Coinbase or direct to wallet, we recommend using FaucetPay for instant withdrawals.

Register Here: FaucetWorld

FaucetPay Registration: Link

Payment Proof: Here

What is an autofaucet?

Faucetworld.in is one of a few cyrptocurrency faucets that feature what is called an Autofaucet. What this means is that it disperses small amounts of crypto to its users automatically at certain intervals of time. The small catch is that in order to run the faucet, you must earn and maintain a balance of energy (or tokens, each site has its own credit system). How you earn energy for the auto faucet is by completing various tasks. The benefit of an autofaucet vs a standard faucet is usually the amount of coins one is able to claim at once and overall. While it is dispersed over a longer period of time, they often pay out better at a reward per activity rate as autofaucets can charge advertisers a little more. This is because user session metrics are favorable. Anecdotally, autofaucets tend to have a larger variety of cryptocurrencies available to claim as well.

Faucetworld earning options

These are the available options for earning cryptocurrency on Faucetworld.in. There is a level system to the site, so the higher your level the more you will make per claim. You earn experience to level up by withdrawing crypto!

  • Roll Game – Traditional faucet used to claim an amount of autoclaim tokens every 30 minutes. Complete a captcha and submit.
Faucetworld.in Roll Game
Faucetworld Roll Game
  • Shortlinks – Advertisements that require a user to complete various captchas and problems to receive a reward. You can learn a little more reading Are Crypto Faucets Worth It? where we discuss how a crypto faucet business works. There are 25+ shortlinks available for users to claim with, they reset at midnight each day. There is a shortlink contest each day where users can win additional autoclaim tokens.
Faucetworld.in Shortlinks
Faucetworld Shortlinks
  • OfferWalls – Earn autoclaim tokens by viewing advertisements, watching videos, completing surveys, among other things. These are often very high earning activities, but do require a little more user engagement. One of the best offerwall is Lootably and Loot.tv, where you can leave your computer watching videos and earn.
Offerwalls on Faucetworld.in
Faucetworld Offerwalls
  • Telegram Coupon Codes – There is a Telegram channel that sends out reward codes to members everyday.
Faucetworld Telegram Codes
Faucetworld Coupon Codes

Starting the Autofaucet

Now that you’ve earned a stash of AutoClaim Tokens, you want to convert them to cryptocurrency. You will want to start the autofaucet. Clicking on the “Start Autofaucet” button on the Faucetworld.in home page will take you to a settings screen.


Select any of the 25 currently available cyrptocurrencies. As you can see we have ZEC, TRX, BNB, and DGB selected because they all pay to FaucetPay, but they have a number of other great coins available to claim. Next configure how quickly you want the page to refresh/claim and how many autoclaim tokens to use each time. There is an offline mode available for autofaucet where you can even close your browser. The earnings rates are slightly less but it’s a good way to get through a lot of claim tokens.

Faucetworld Autofaucet Settings
Autofaucet Settings
Faucetworld.in Autofaucet activated
Autofaucet Online Mode
Autofaucet offline mode on Faucetworld
Autofaucet Offline Mode


Set up where you wish payments to go when you withdraw. The options available on Faucetworld.in are Coinbase, FaucetPay, or if you claim Stellar (XLM) then you can withdraw directly to your wallet.

Faucetworld wallet settings
Faucetworld Withdraw Addresses


This tab is where you can update your password or delete your account if you are so inclined.


If waiting for the Autofaucet to churn through your token balance, there is also an exchange available. Here you can trade from one coin to another, including AutoClaim Tokens, instantly. The only downside is the exchange rates/fees that apply and eat into your earnings vs using the autofaucet, but they are not too bad.

Faucetworld CoinSwap
Faucetworld Coin Swap


Now that you have a balance of crypto that you want to withdraw, visit the Faucetworld.in home page. Each of the 25 coins available have a tile card that will display your balance, the faucet health, and what withdrawal options are available (Coinbase, FaucetPay or Stellar direct to wallet). The minimum withdrawal amount can vary based on where you withdraw to, but they seem to be very very low based on FaucetPay.

Faucetworld coin balance
Faucetworld Balances

The following faucets are available on Faucetworld.in.

  • AAVE Faucet
  • Cardano Faucet
  • Algorand Faucet
  • Cosmos Faucet
  • Avalanche Faucet
  • Bitcoin Cash Faucet
  • Dash Faucet
  • Dogecoin Faucet
  • Polkadot Faucet
  • Enjincoin Faucet
  • Ethereum Classic Faucet
  • Ethereum Faucet
  • Chainlink Faucet
  • Litecoin Faucet
  • Matic Faucet
  • Shiba Inu Faucet
  • Solana Faucet
  • USDCoin Faucet
  • Stellar Faucet
  • Ripple Faucet
  • Tezos Faucet
  • Zcash Faucet
  • Tron Faucet
  • Binance Coin Faucet
  • Digibyte Faucet

Overall Faucetworld.in is a really nicely put together faucet site. It’s not overly spammy with intrusive ads or popups, and it works as intended paying out quickly. You can do much worse for your time than Faucetworld.in.

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TapCrypto Faucet Rating: Faucetworld.in

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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