BiteFaucet Review

BiteFaucet Overview

BiteFaucet is a new faucet in 2022 and one of the better new ones we’ve come across that pays directly to FaucetPay for Bitcoin, Tron, Tether, Litecoin and Dogecoin. BiteFaucet also allows for Shibu Inu withdrawals directly to Coinbase. Having multiple withdrawal options and low withdrawal thresholds makes getting your free crypto easier and faster. All claims done on are denominated in USD so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating crypto prices to hit the withdrawal limits. is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so you can claim on all your devices. 

Getting Started on BiteFaucet

Click here to sign up for Once your account is registered you will be able to start making faucet claims, playing games, completing offerwalls, shortlinks, and PTC ads. At the top of the dashboard screen you can see you have the choice to choose your earning mode. The two faucet claiming modes are Fire Mode and Simple Mode:

  • Simple Mode – You’ll receive 230,000 coins per claim and see less ads
  • Fire Mode – You’ll receive 250,000 coins per claim, but see more ads
BiteFaucet Dashboard Faucet Claim Earning Modes

Then below the faucet claiming mode selection section you can see your current balance, any funds you’ve deposited into BiteFaucet for advertising, energy stash, current level, experience points, level bonus percentage for increased faucet claim amounts and daily bonus percentage. 

BiteFaucet Dashboard Stats

How to Earn Crypto on BiteFaucet?

Now that your account is registered its time to start earning free crypto on BiteFaucet through each of the various claiming methods available. To start, the manual faucet claiming section will payout a coin denominated USD amount every 1 minute for a maximum of 150 claims in one day. The claims you make are denominated in USD and the exchange rates can be found on the withdrawal page.

BiteFaucet Manual Faucet Claim Page

Manual Faucet Claiming

1 minutes – BiteFaucet allows you to make claims throughout the day for coins and an experience bump. Just go to the Manual Faucet page, complete a Captcha challenge, and then click “Collect Your Reward”. If you have stored up Energy then you can do a “Boost” faucet claim that will increase your faucet claim amount by 15%. There are Achievements for claiming the Manual Faucet 25, 50, and 100 times in one day and we’ll go into more detail on those earnings later.


The Offerwalls on BiteFaucet are one of the easiest ways to rack up free money fast. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this BiteFaucet review there is only one vendor available for Offerwalls and that is BitsWall. We’ve seen BitsWall available on many other crypto faucet sites that we’ve reviewed so they are reputable source for completing offers.

BiteFaucet PTC Ads

PTC Ads will vary throughout the day on how many there will be available, but we’ve typically seen about 6 ads a day. When viewing these ads you will see offers mostly related to other crypto related websites that you may find interesting. PTC ads payout a set amount of coins depending on the ad viewing length which is usually 5 or 7 seconds. After completing 5 sponsor links in one day be sure to claim your achievement.


Like most other crypto faucet sites there is a dice game where you can bet the over/under of a dice roll and wager your money on the outcome. Your chances are 49.5% so the house does have a slight advantage in this game. There’s also a Wheel of Fortune game that you can use 25 energy points to spin the wheel for a chance to win 500-50,000 coins. The only allows for a maximum of 10 spins if you have enough Energy stored.

BiteFaucet Shortlink Vendors


The shortlinks available on BiteFaucet are similar to what you’d see on other crypto faucets. Most of the shortlinks have a max of 1 claim, but there are some shortlinks that you can claim up to 3 times. As usual with shortlinks, you’re brought to another website where you need to stay on it for a set amount of time, complete one or more captchas then you’re brough back to BiteFaucet to receive your reward.


The Achievements section as mentioned throughout this post offers a great way to earn bonus funds for doing claims you normally do. There are achievement bonuses for manual faucet claims, completing PTC Ads, and completing shortlinks. Every achievement offers you a Energy boost along with a coin reward. Make sure you check this page as achievements need to be manually claimed by you.

BiteFaucet Achievements

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is an incentive to use the faucet daily. The longer you keep the streak going the higher your faucet claiming bonus will be. The 10 Energy points and 5 Experience points added after the daily bonus claim is complete will remain the same.

BiteFaucet Daily Bonus Claim

How to Withdraw from BiteFaucet?

We haven’t come across and minimum amount to withdraw from BiteFaucet as we’ve withdrawn as little as 30 Bitcoin Satoshis before so you should be able to make a withdrawal daily if you claim a decent amount. With BiteFaucet you’ll have the option to withdraw to Bitcoin, Tron, Tether, Litecoin, or Doegecoin to FaucetPay. For withdrawals to Coinbase, you’ll only be able to withdraw Shibu Inu token. When withdrawing from BiteFaucet make sure your microwallet and crypto is highlighted so you know you’re withdrawing to correct coin and address. Click here to see proof of payments from BiteFaucet and start claiming today!

BiteFaucet Withdrawal Page for FaucetPay and Coinbase

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