How Do Offerwalls Work?

What is Lootably and how can you make money watching videos

The goal of TapCrypto has always been to find opportunities to earn free cryptocurrency online with limited time and no money invested. Many faucets contain multiple earning opportunities for site users. We have covered some like short links and Get Paid To advertisements, in our article The Business Behind Faucets. Today we want to highlight what an offerwall is and primarily focus in on our favorite,, to show how readers can boost their cryptocurrency earnings.

Offerwalls, what are they?

How users, sites and advertisers earn money on offerwalls
Offerwall Mechanics

An offerwall, sometimes referred to as a task wall, is often a prominent component to most crypto faucet sites, but they are actually one of the most lucrative earning opportunities for users. Offerwalls, such as Lootably, are an onsite/in-app ad platform. Sites use these ad platforms to monetize user traffic, the benefit to the users is either continued free access to the site or incentives such as money or cryptocurrency in return. As an ad platform, there are actually a number of different ways users can earn money, both for the site and of course themselves. There are dozens off different offerwall providers/companies, so the features and functionality of each differ slightly, but lets take a moment to talk about the basic ad types and tasks users can interact with to make money online.


This should come as no surprise, but advertisers and companies like to understand what people need, want, or their opinions on certain matters. This is all in an attempt to better sell products and services to you and the general population. One way they do this is by creating surveys. These surveys act as a data collection mechanism by the advertising companies that they sell back to the companies and industry groups. These offerwalls allow users to take these surveys online, and to attract people, they pay out money. Some offerwalls pay out in fiat currencies, and now more readily available are faucets where users can instead earn cryptocurrencies.

Get paid to complete surveys online
Lootably Survey Wall


Many offerwalls provide users the ability to download/install applications on their computer/mobile devices. These range from games to other services such as Coinbase and other apps. We at TapCrypto generally recommend staying away from downloading applications as you can never be quite sure what that app’s purpose or permissions are. We approach these offers with a level of skepticism, but with all offerwalls, you should assess your own tolerance. To complete these offers, users typically have to download a game or other app and reach a certain milestone to unlock your reward. For example, reach level 10 or play for two hours. Something along those lines.

Download applications and complete tasks to earn crypto.
Offerwall Applications


Most offerwall sites also reward users for purchases made. This operates quite similarly to how services such as work, read more about it here. Essentially, a user makes a qualifying purchase such as signing up for Hulu or subscribing to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By doing so, the user is provided a reward in the form of points which can be traded to crypto. These can be lucrative for faucet users, especially if it is something you may already need or use. As always, be diligent when providing payment information or other personally identifiable information.

Programs and services you can earn crypto by signing up for.
Offerwall Purchases


The last offer we will discuss is also the one we think is the most advantageous and easiest opportunity for faucet users. You can earn crypto simply by watching videos. Offerwalls such as Lootably and allow users to watch videos such as how to/DIY or Food channels, which also include advertisements, and in return earn points that they can cash out to various sites and trade for cryptocurrency. video advertisements to earn crypto.
Lootably Video Offerings

How to earn points

Points earned on can be withdrawn to any connected faucet site and traded to the coins you wish to collect. The minimum points needed are only 10, but you realistically can earn hundreds per day. Simply visit directly or the faucet of your choice and visit the offerwall section to get to Lootably.

Main screen on video page. Homepage

Choose a video or even better a playlist and watch videos, and advertisements to earn. The best part of this offer and why it’s the most advantageous to users is that it doesn’t actually require your attention. You can open on a spare device or a second screen and just let the video playlist run for hours earning points continuously. Simply run the playlist, you may want to change settings to ensure your device doesn’t fall asleep or shut off, and turn volume down, but not muted. We just put a pair of headphones plugged in so that it’s not loud. Each video played will credit your balance with a couple points. You can let the playlist go for hours if you want, though overuse can also reduce your earning rate/payout. So we typically run a couple hours, then take a break, then start it up again. So on and so forth. video playlists to earn crypto. Playlist

Where can I use my points?

There are many sites that are integrated with, here are the ones we trust and use. The coin values are subject to change based on market conditions and prices. The values depicted are estimates as of posting.

Faucet NameFaucet ReviewPayment ProofEstimated Value (per 100 points)
CointiplyOverviewWithdrawals$0.05 USD
Final AutoClaimOverviewWithdrawals$0.05
CoinPot.inComing SoonWithdrawals$0.05
Trusted sites partnered with Lootably/

Linking a faucet with Lootably

In order to withdraw points, you need to link your faucet account. This is easy and can be done in 5 steps. Below is a brief outline of how to link Lootably to your Final AutoClaim/Autofaucet account. Other sites have a similar process.

  1. Sign into the faucet site you wish you use, example one of the few we mentioned above.
  2. Go to the site’s Offer/Task wall section.
  3. Find Lootably, sometimes shown as and click the link.
  4. Click on Videos, or whichever task/section you are interested in.
  5. Finally, clicking “Watch Videos” will open a new tab, and your account will be linked. You can proceed to watch videos and earn cryptocurrency.

Redeem points

Now that accounts are linked you can just go directly to instead of the faucet sites, unless you prefer. When you have a balance of Loot points, you can convert your points, by sending them to the faucet you have linked, you can proceed to withdraw whatever cryptocurrency you wish. The minimum withdrawal limit is 10 Loot points, which is easily attainable. Withdrawal to Final Autofaucet

We at TapCrypto appreciate you tuning in and making it this far down the page. You can find all of cryptocurrency faucets we use, Site Reviews, and Payment Proofs, by subscribing to our site. Follow us @tapcrypto1. Thank you!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Nothing above should be taken as financial advice, everyone should do their own due diligence and make decisions based on their own experiences and circumstances. There are affiliate links within this post. If you click a link and do business with these companies we may earn a small commission to keep TapCrypto running.

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